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Fly fishing – obere Argen

Yesterday afternoon a friend of mine invited me to go fly fishing at the “obere Argen”. This was my 4th time and slowly I’m able to throw the line/fly where I want it to be and it does not look like I’m training lions at the circus. It’s a lot of things to memorize at the beginning but it will go by heart soon (I hope). But this makes fly fishing challenging, there is always new stuff to learn, like “reading” the river. To know where are the likely spots where the fish are, imitating the natural move of a fly … (tying knots, for flies who got caught in a tree)

The rainbow trout will be barbecued today, just with a bit of salt, pepper and butter.
That’s it, just kept simple for the full flavor of a fresh catch.

Straight razor blade – Tambour 41 by Robert Buntenbach

Straight razor blade – Tambour 41 by Robert Buntenbach – Solingen Höhnscheid.
At an antique shop in Ravensburg I recently obtained some shaving related items which must come from the closedown of a barbershop in the area. The two Tambour straight razor blades were in absolute mint condition. After some stomping on the leather they were ready to shave. It took me some research to find out what “Enslin Nachschliff” means. A guy from the Nassrasur-Forum finally came up with the explination that: “… straight razor blades were quite expensive at those times, so when they went blunt they were given to a special craftsman who was specialized on resharping them…”. Thanks Master Enslin you did a great job.

Seil Marschall – backpack – mini canoepack

Seil Marschall Backpack - Canoepack Mini orange full viewSeil Marschall – backpack – mini canoepack – ogange
Here some detail images of the small rucksack by Seil Marschall. The design and the creating of the backpack is really well thought of. Good strong seams, strong leather, thick canvas and to add the copper rivets. I also really like the “fast exit / opener” which you can see on pic 4. The backpack comes also in other and more decent colors, check the product page for more details. A rucksack to last a lifetime which makes the choosing of the color quite hard.

Seil Marschall – an overview part 1

Seil-Marschall sign in front of the shopSeil-Marschall shop housefrontSeil-Marschall Backpacks OverviewSeil Marschall Neckties and ShoesSeil Marschall Shoes and ShoecareSeil Marschall Hardware and ToolsSeil Marschall Ropes, Cords and StringsLast Saturday I had an appointment with Thomas Fressle owner of the Seil Marschall company in Ravensburg – Germany. A true gentleman who continues the company tradition in its 4th generation, which was founded 1896.

This is just an overview of the shop / warehouse and part 1 of several posts. The following ones will go more into details about their own products like the backpacks, shoes and jackets.

Apart from the Seil Marshall products which are crafted not to far from Ravensburg, you can find other items in the shop which complete the range of products very well. Shoes from Alden or boots from Red Wing, jeans from the Pike Bothers, and lots of other exclusive menswear brands.

Find below the statement from the Seil Marschall website, which really describes the company philosophy very well and it’s quality standards.

“We still make the quality worn by our grandfathers”

We are making the finest quality since 1896.

In the most companies the quality has changed into quantity. We are still a small company in the modern sense and haven’t changed to much.

Our quality is not possible to produce in big quantities.”Our best machines are still our hand”. We take the finest natural materials and accessories available and take us enough time to manufacture long lasting products. In all our goods we put in many time and functional details to protect you in the extremest conditions – “we still make the quality worn by our grandfathers”.

More than 100 years we are still a family business ( in the 4th generation).

Hiking in the Moostal – Darmstädter Hütte

With some friends we went 2 days of hiking in the area of St. Anton – Austria – Tirol. One of my favorite mountain huts is the “Darmstädter Hütte” (2.384m). The scenery is just amazing – a couple of 3000m peaks surrounding the hut, a perfect view in the valley, a rustic over 100 years old hut and the welcoming Weiskopf family which runs it since 3 generations… just to name a few things.

First day was rainy but the idea of having a cold beer and some “Knoedel” dumplings if we can make it before 7pm did motivate us a lot. We made it and were welcomed by Andi with some Schnaps to warm us up and soon we made the order for dinner. This year the choice between cheese-, bacon-, liver- and Tirolean dumplings was made even more difficult to choose when he told us they have this year a mozzarella with tomato dumpling. They are just so good, believe me. And if you haven’t had enough try their “kaiser” a Kaiserschmarrn (kind of fluffy pancake) which is more than enough for 2 person or a really hungry one.

Next day we hiked and climbed the area, had a great pick nick and a swim in the lake which you can assume was very refreshing. On sunday we had to leave, weather turned bad again and we were soaked while walking down the valley. But the atmosphere was mystic and on the way we saw dozens of mountain salamander, so much we had to take care we did not step on one.

All together a great trip, just 2 nights and 3 days but a real vacation.