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Herder Buckelsklingen Messer / Knifes

Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 663 Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 665 Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 662 Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 664 Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 666 Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 668 Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 667 Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 669Herder Buckelsklingen Messer / Knifes

By being a non to sensitive guy and breaking a Herder Windmühlen Frühstücksmesser (bending it too much – like trying to drill out a shark on a flyfishing rod) I came into contact with Matthias van Reimersdahl. He is the guy you might have met, producing these great knifes live at the Manufactum Stores. He offered to make me a new one and replacing my old one. Recently not just one, two arrived one crafted with a plum wooden handle and the other had a cherry one.  On his calligraphic note he mentioned  enjoy the sharpness of the Buckelsklinge and not to cut myself.

They are sharp as hell and you might not find a more harmless looking knife, distributed as a breakfast knife who will let most of you blades leave behind speaking of sharpness. To even push the limits I gave one of the blades a treatment on my straight razor strop, and as you see I was able to get rid of some hair on my leg.

I have probably given close to 20 knifes to friends and my family as a present and all of those knifes turned into their No.1 kitchen knife afterward. I would rank this knife as a must have without hesitation – get one! If you regret it, I really would like to hear you point of view.

Thanks Matthias for these special knifes!

Bread Porn – homemade

Bread Porn 525 Bread Porn 524 Bread Porn 521 Bread Porn 520 Bread Porn 522 Bread Porn 523 Bread Porn homemade

Bread Porn – homemade

I often hear “you must have time to bake your own bread” (all the time). But basically it does not take more that getting in a car, driving to a bakery, waiting in the queue and driving back. And there are other things which are also essential to me.

- the absolute knowledge what ingredients have been used (ok let´s assume you know what you bought)
– the smell in the house of fresh bread
– the joy of looking at the bread rising and darkening
– the sound of the cracking crust while the bread cools down
– the first cut trough the bread and eating it with just some butter + salt
– cutting the loaf in 4/4 and sharing at least 2/4 or 3/4 of it with your family and friends
– seeing their joy when they got a warm piece of the bread and sometimes getting something back in exchange.

Just go through the no knead bread recipe but i will describe the routine quickly how I do it.

5 minutes
- grabbing a bow, putting in the yeast, salt, water and flour, mixing it and let it rest until the next morning

1 minute
- hopefully the yeast has blown up your dough, stir it again, put in about 2 spoons of flour and turn the dough a bit (or leave it, if you want to have a shiny surface on the crust). Switch the oven to 250C and put in the pot and the cover.

1 minute
- after about 30 minutes (or up to 1hour) the pot is hot enough, throw in the dough and close it with the cover.

1 minute
- open the cover after about 45 minutes (up to 1 hour is also ok) @ 250 C, switch down to 220 C

1 minute
- after about 15 minutes or up to 25  minutes get the bread out of the oven and put the loaf out of the pot.

So it´s just about 10 minutes to prepare YOUR BREAD, Have a nice day!


Pfitzauf form and altered recipe

Pfitzauf Form - Recipe  437 Pfitzauf Form - Recipe  438 Pfitzauf Form - Recipe  439 Pfitzauf Form - Recipe  440

Pfitzauf form and altered recipe

At one of my favorite drift shops, again I found something useful. An old clay form for a Swabian dessert called “Pfitzauf”. I guess I will give this traditional recipe a try sometime (never heard before). But my intentions were to put some sweet yeast dough, filled with plum jelly or other fruits and top it with a giant amount of brown butter, bread crumbs and caramelized sugar. The first try happened about 4 hours after I bought the form, be-cause I already had some dough for bread in the kitchen to rise, which i altered with milk, vanilla sugar and butter. They were ok for a first try but for sure I need even more butter (150g+)! Topped with lots of vanilla sauce could turn out to be an all time favorite.

Home coffee roasting with Gloria

Home Coffee Roasting with Gloria 403 Home Coffee Roasting with Gloria 401 Home Coffee Roasting with Gloria 399 Home Coffee Roasting with Gloria 402 Home Coffee Roasting with Gloria 400 Home Coffee Roasting with Gloria 398 Home Coffee Roasting with Gloria 397 Home Coffee Roasting with Gloria 395 Home Coffee Roasting with Gloria 393 Home Coffee Roasting with Gloria 396 Home Coffee Roasting with Gloria 394Home coffee roasting with sister Gloria & the Whirley Pop

On sunday, coffee run out. Or better the roasted coffee beans, so i lured my sister Gloria into turning the Whirley Pop for about 30 minutes. The outcome was better than I could have done it. However, I still found a few beans who got burned spots, which should be avoided and you can see it clearly on the least image. You also should cool the coffee beans down after they got the right roast – asap. For that I use the big bowl and to get rid of the bitter skin of the beans as well.

Home roasted coffee beans

home roasted coffee beans1

home roasted coffee beans1

home roasted coffee beans1

home roasted coffee beans1

home roasted coffee beans1

home roasted coffee beans1
Home roasted coffee beans:
Yesterday I found out that I´m close to run out of self roasted coffee beans. So despite the heat I turned the Whirley Pop for about 20 minutes. After their 2nd crack and your desired level of roasting the coffee beans need to cool down quick. I do this by turning and throwing the into the air and catch them with a huge bowl.

But another important task is to get rid of the thin skin of the beans which is done by doing a “gold digger like movement” with the beans. After a day the gassed of the CO2 and developed via numerous reactions their flavor. Come by for a fresh espresso! Whatever someone tells you after 4 days the aroma of coffee beans is decreasing.

Best of Istanbul, Edogan take a break!

best of Istanbul turkey 6 best of Istanbul turkey 1 best of Istanbul turkey 2 best of Istanbul turkey 9 best of Istanbul turkey 3 best of Istanbul turkey 4 best of Istanbul turkey 5 best of Istanbul turkey 7 best of Istanbul turkey 8
Best of Istanbul, Edogan take a break!
It makes me really sad to see “my Instanbul” and the people of Istanbul suffer. I had great moments there. Once on a backpacking trip to Turkey and by luck I ran intoFatih Akin and had a great time with him and his filmcrew while they filmed The Edge of Heaven in Istanbul. And once celebrating new year 2010/2011. How can you not fall in love with a city with such a great history, with so good food, so friendly people and so rich in culture? And it makes me angry seeing someone attacking it. My fullest support, at least a bit, to the people on the streets of Istanbul – sadly only digital but worth a try.

If you look at the images above closer you might recognize the be-cause blog logo.  Other stories like one of the best straight razor shaves (ok it was a shavette razor) or the story of the find of my Zeus ring at the grand bazar by meeting a Armenian silversmith. I hope the best for the liberty and safety for the people of Istanbul and Turkey. 

Held Vodka – Berlin 1921

Held Vodka Berlin 1921 - vorsicht glas Held Vodka Berlin 1921 sailor jerry box design Held Vodka Berlin 1921 box design Held Vodka Berlin 1921 packaging Held Vodka Berlin 1921 gift card dr. love Held Vodka Berlin 1921 logo Held Vodka Berlin 1921 logo Held Vodka Berlin 1921 bottleHeld Vodka Berlin since 1921 – Medicine by Dr. Love!
Thanks to Alex aka. Dr. Love for sending me something of his “medicine”! What a great packaging and the true and witty words on the postcard.

Held Vodka from Berlin made there since 1921. Read their story below. My story with Held Vodka will be told after the Vodka got some rest and being used to cure “maladies” with some friends. We will enjoy for sure. If it tastes just half as good as it looks, it will be a great tasting for sure. cu soon!

The Meisner family founded their brewery and spirit factory in Upper Silesia in 1906. In 1921, the Berlin residents of the family developed the recipe for Held Vodka.

It was the beginning of the “Roaring Twenties”. Held Vodka was distilled and sold in small amounts from a backyard in Berlin for many years. When the wild times of the twenties came to an end, the recipe was put on the shelf.

In the war years of 1944/45, the Meisner family fled with their entire knowledge via Hamburg to Heide in Schleswig-Holstein. After re-founding the Robert Meisner Spirit and Liqueur Factory there in 1952, they have continued to produce regional spirits successfully.

In 2005, through a fortunate coincidence, two “Berliners by choice” approached the Meisner family with the idea of re-launching Held Vodka. So, the Held Vodka renaissance began, following the original Berlin recipe.

According to the 1921 tradition, the primary raw material is sugar beet mash, triple distilled and specially filtered. Held Vodka is pure and unadulterated, therefore perfect to enjoy straight and un-chilled.

Hubertus Connoisseur pocket knife

hubertus gentleman pocket knife hubertus solingen connoisseur folding knife hubertus solingen connoisseur folding knife hubertus solingen connoisseur folding knife hubertus solingen connoisseur folding knife hubertus solingen connoisseur folding knife hubertus solingen connoisseur folding knife hubertus solingen connoisseur folding knife hubertus solingen connoisseur folding knife hubertus solingen connoisseur folding knife

Hubertus Connoisseur pocket knife:
Another great addition to my knife collection. The Hubertus pocket knife has no special product name but I would name it Connoisseur or Gentleman knife. It got all the essencial tools to “survive”. A knife blade, a fork, a corkscrew and a cap opener. No need for a tin opener – who want´s to eat out of tin/cans, anyway. You can argue that “who needs a fork” (use the tip of the blade) or “who needs a cap opener” us the back of the blade but that is why it´s the gentleman knife. It got style, I hope its owners too. The locking mechanism of both parts is very clever and well/solid designed. By opening the fork you unlock both parts. Very nice in design, the brass parts look great with the steel and the black bakelit. There is are also antler or wooden versions of this knife. Thanks David for this nice gift – travel save! Check the Hubertus Solingen knife page.