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Straight razor shave in Istanbul / Turkey :

straight razor shave at a barber shop in istanbulAt least once in your lifetime (assuming your are a man) your should have a straight razor shave from a skilled barber. The best deal you will get is in Turkey.

While in the rest of Europe it is quite expensive or out of use, in Turkey it is still very in common practice to get a shave done.  So the barbers are very skilled, it is cheap, they have fun when you come in as a tourist, you will learn techniques for your own shaves and you even get a glass of tee (chai) for free as well.

While India is also a very “interesting” option, I can not recommend Thailand. It seems to me that they are not used to our dense hair, so cuts, blood and skin irritation is mostly guaranteed.


no-knead bread

No-knead bread:
Above the result of a wonderful method to bake bread. I found the recipe by accident and can recommend the video to everyone who likes bread and is sick of all the bad bakery’s. It’s a pitty that a long developed craft and culture to bake bread is dying slowly. Hardly any family run bakery is found in a city. Enough blabla please take the time to look at the  “no knead bread video by New York Times (Mark Bitman and Jim Lahey)”

Here some personal advice:
– go to ebay and buy an old heavy cast iron pot do not go for a “le creuset” at the beginning, too expensive. Just make sure it´s as heavy as you can find one.
– find a local mill to buy good flour
– use a wooden spatula to stir the dough, its not as messy as with the fingers
– use only little yeast 0,5 g of fresh yeast or 1/6 of a bag of dried yeast for a bread
– use a lot of flour as a layer for the last rise, it helps to remove the dough (not so sticky)
and adds to the look of the bread
– let the bread rest for 1 hour before you cut it
– cut it in 1/4 pieces, keep one and make presents to family and friends
– never ever put it back in a bag, or in a breadbox. just cover it with a kitchentowel and cut the dried slice if you prefer. the crust will either go soft immediately.

The only negative thing about this method is you can not watch the bread rise anymore ;-)