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Hiking – Sibratsgfäll – “Austrian summer”

Sibratzsgfäll Schönenbach kapelleSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach frozen leafSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach autumn leafes1Sibratzsgfäll Schönenbach autumn leafes2Sibratzsgfäll Schönenbach autumn leafes3Sibratzsgfäll Schönenbach moss on dead treeSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach subersach riverbedSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach moss in the forestSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach river subersach looks like canadaSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach swamp or hochmoorSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach fliegenpilz mushroomSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach schilfLast weekend we went for a autumn hike to the Bregenzerwald – Austria and walked from Sibratzgfäll to Schönenbach. It’s the perfect walk in autumn and for snowshoe because you walk in a not to hilly valley by the river with a nice flora beside. It was like an “Indian Summer” in Canada, just in Austria. Thanks to Maria and “Kitty the dog” to drag me out of the bed for this walk. The night before there was quite a party going on with a traditionally dish for autumn “Zwiebelkuchen & Most” (German cider and a cake with lots of onions, bacon an cumin).



Lehnartz mocca mill – making good coffee

Lehnartz mocca mill and other stufflehnartz mocca mill handlelehnartz coffee mill logo - Mocca Mahlwerkbearded man portraitlehnartz mokka mill trayMy recent finds, a “Lehnartz Mocca Mahlwerk“. I went back after 2 weeks to finally buy it. Be-cause I already have a “Rancilio Rocky” standing next to the “Rancilio Silvia” it made no sense to buy this manually operated mill. Or does it? I was impressed by the craftsmanship the look and the manual operation.

It is quite a labor to grind a portion of coffee with it and why just not buy a Nespresso machine and Tabs? To have a quick coffee! And it’s good coffee! … BULLSHIT!

Ok let me draw a picture of a preparing a cup of coffee if you are willing to take your time, want to slow down a bit and want to “celebrate” it.

You need:
– a coffee machine, my choice would be a bialetti style one
– fresh roasted beans no older than 2 weeks max! (or roast them fresh by yourself – but this would kill the whole post by it’s length, I will write the process soon). Wrote the process now: check here: Home roasting coffee.
– fresh milk from the farmer, 3,8% fat +
– brown cane sugar
– a coffee/mocca mill like the Lehnartz, one which is adjustable
– a special mug to serve it
– good sound

That should be enough, don’t mind if you have not all things for the beginning.
Essential is the right grinding for the type of coffee machine you use. For the bialetti style machine you should grind it medium, not so fine as with an real espresso machine and not to big as for a filter coffee maker. It takes a bit of practice and adjustments. Too fine and water will be blocked, to big and the water rushes trough. Thats the reason you need an adjustable mill for good coffee. Buying already grinded coffee, mostly does not hit the point for your machine or use perfectly.

After you filled the filter with the coffee and applied some pressure. What is the right amount of pressing the coffee – good question, this is variable 2. Practice, not too dense and not too loose, then close the machine and put it on the stove. While listening to your music, take the mug and poor some spoons of brown sugar in it. Get the bottle of milk out of the fridge and prepare the pot for heating and foaming the milk. Choose a flat pot for a lot of room to stir. After the coffee is through the filter, poor it in the the mug with the coffee and stir it well. Then put the pot with the milk on the stove, it should not take more than about 1 minute to heat it up to about max. 60 Celsius. If you boil it the milk will loose it’s sweetness. To foam it manually and not with the espresso machine, I recommend to use one of those flat wire wisks (drop me a note if you do not get the picture, I can post one). You should be able to just still touch the pot, thats about 60 Celsius. Pour the milk in the mug and stir it with a spoon, so the coffee and sugar flavor also is in the foam. Drink it and take your time!

Sunset collection

sunset hotel bad schachen lindau bodenseesunset from omnetepe nicaragua with the vulcanosunset bodensee with the sailboatsunset in thailon on the chicken islandsunset bodensee with the bregenzer bucht and the rheindammsunset in thailand on thonsai beachsunset bodensee from the kajaksunset thailand chicken island with swimmersunset in thailand seen from the chicken islandSunset collection:
Yesterday after work there was a wonderful sunset on the lake but I did not carry a camera. Autumn is the best time to see the most impressive sunsets. After I came home I browsed my photo library to look for some sunset images. Here is the outcome, not all in autumn and not all in germany – sorry.

Hiking sticks – Stocknagel

hiking sticks - wanderstöcke stocknagel overviewhiking sticks - wanderstöcke stocknagel overviewhiking sticks - wanderstöcke stocknagel saalbachhiking sticks - wanderstöcke stocknagel heilbronner hüttehiking sticks - wanderstöcke stocknagel latschhiking sticks - wanderstöcke stocknagel hochosterwitzhiking sticks - wanderstöcke stocknagel wallgauhiking sticks - wanderstöcke stocknagel nebelhornhiking sticks - wanderstöcke stocknagel moserbogenhiking sticks - wanderstöcke points Today in my favorite antique shop I came over 5 old – vintage hiking sticks with stick nails – stocknägel. I could not find the word for a stocknagel in english. To explain it, a stocknagel is a souvenir you nail on your walking or hiking stick from a place of interest – mostly in the mountains. Its a tradition in europe and also a collectable or souvinir of where you have been. Its also a motivation for kids to collect them and some go mad about getting their sticks full. By that they learn to enjoy hiking and climb mountains by play.

Feinschmuck belt buckles – Gürtelschnallen

monkey belt bucklefeinschmuck belt buckle, gürtelschnalle - kaiser franz joseph I.feinschmuck belt buckle, gürtelschnalle - leibniz butterkeksfeinschmuck belt buckle, gürtelschnalle - wasserbüffel und chineseFeinschmuck has created a couple of new belt buckles / Gürtelschnallen. The Leibniz Butterkeks Gürtel I think will be quite successful. They are all bronze and the monkey belt buckle has been “aged”. Different coatings are also possible e.g. silver or gold.