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Swiss army backpack – salt and pepper – how to close it!

swiss army backpack light - how to close it - openswiss army backpack light - how to close it - the loops and the stringswiss army backpack light - how to close it - strings trough the loopsswiss army backpack light - how to close it - closed tightswiss army backpack light - how to close it - closed back viewswiss army backpack light - how to close it - closed side viewSwiss army backpack – salt and pepper – how to close it!

I never was too happy how I used to close this backpack – there is for sure some soldier proof instruction around. I´m heading for some serious barbecue and I thought again how to close it better. There are two d-rings / loops in the middle of the rucksack, just go with one of the sting in the upper and pull and the with the other string in the lower and pull. Go with the ends around the canvas and do a bow knot. Thats it, it is closed and fixed to the pack. Since the material is very strong and stiff other methods until now resulted in a too high profile of the back.

Check also the two posts about the swiss army backpack – heavy and the comparison about the light and the heavy one.


Chinese Multipurpose Pocket Knife

chinese multi purpose pocket knife - the boxchinese multi purpose pocket knife - the five knifeschinese multi purpose pocket knife - five knifes closerchinese multi purpose pocket knife - one knife openchinese multi purpose pocket knife - macro shootChinese Sports Multi Purpose Pocket Knife:
Two years ago I bought these knifes in Thailand in the busy harbor city of Ranong which is very close to Burma. Walking trough the streets I saw this shop selling one of this knifes. I liked the bizarre motives on the knife. Does it mean you can use this knife for: weight lifting, tennis, ping pong, shooting/hunting, …  so a multi sports purpose pocket knife? Or is it a talisman for doing this sports. Since it was Chinese new year the 2nd guess might be more likely. The shop owner could not answer my question, however to get a good good price a took a dozen – they might still wonder what this “falang” (thai for foreigner) is doing with this stuff.

Hawleywood’s Barbershop

Hawleywood’s Barbershop:
I guess if we had a Barbershop like this one, I would start growing my hair again. But most Barbers are like taxi drivers on speed, who ruin your Saturday morning by talking bullshit and asking questions which has been asked by them before. I rather prefer a max. of 3 mm hair and safe the money – be-cause.

Wait! I guess there is a barber around. Eric from Life Time Gear has a friend Olli Wegerich, I guess he would be the guy around Darmstadt to get a haircut.

Julius von Bismarck

julius von bismarck fulguratorFuehlometer-provinz 2010 uli kaiserJulius von Bismarck punishmentjulius von Bismarck - punishmentjulius von Bismarck - punishmentJulius von Bismarck:
2010 we had Julius von Bismarck in Lindau while he took part in the Provinz 2010 art project. Yesterday I read an article about his new project “punishment” shown in the art gallery Alexander Levy.

While in Lindau 2010, Julius created with Benjamin Maus und Richard Wilhelmer the Smiley on the Lighthouse who changed his mood by analyzing the faces of the pedestrians at the harbour (the fühlometer).

Another great invention is his Fulgurator, a camera who projects images via a flash trough its lens in response of other flashs. This results in the desired image is shown on the images of the photographer “who flashed” to take a picture. Hard to explain and understand but watch his youtube video to understand the witty apparatus.

(c) of the images by Julius von Bismarck, Alexander Levy, Uli Kaiser

Swedish army boots, brown from 1943

swedish army boots brown from 1943 swedish army boots brown from 1943 unlaced swedish army boots brown from 1943 leather printswedish army boots brown from 1943 side viewswedish army boots brown from 1943 laced and unlacedswedish army boots brown from 1943 solesswedish army boots brown from 1943 sole tip Swedish army boots brown from 1943:
I got another fine pair of Swedish army boots, now in size 43 be-cause the others were a bit too big. This pair is not just 3 years older, they even got this nice print on the leather showing the crown and the 1943. They also got the loop to pull the boots on  and the color of the boot is a bit more darker. So perfect, can´t wait to give them a slim rubber sole and break them in.

Check also the images of the other one in size 44 (i would rate it as a 44,5 even a 45 when worn in)