I´m hungry – Stuff we liked to eat in Thailand

Stuff we liked to eat in Thailand, guess what I´m hungry:
Browsing through my photo library I found some images from Thailand. I guess the plans for the winter retreat – vacation 2012/2013 are done, a bit Thailand and Burma.

Traveling to a country where there is no good food makes no sense to me, if you are not forced to do so. Great cultures have mostly a good cuisine, while the others have not. No need to not enjoy one of the joys of life on vacation. Thailand is for sure on the top list after Italy. And I´m not talking about fancy restaurants, I talk about great food basically everywhere, around the corner, on the bus station …

4 thoughts on “I´m hungry – Stuff we liked to eat in Thailand

  1. ej

    can’t watch at these pics. damn, even if you have had enough you get hungry again. dreams on plates … from the first to the last pic: so beautiful pics, alex – compliment! schmatz, sabber …

  2. Tim

    oh man, i am so hungry now. beautiful pics. and you even had some mongustan. oh, one of the nicest fruits around. cheers

  3. Alex Post author

    i have the depest feelings for your suffering but as a person who memorized the taste of all those dishes im the poorest of all ;-) – btw Im glad and proud you liked the images.

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