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A sunny sunday in Bad-Schachen

lindau bad schachen stroll - duckslindau bad schachen stroll - rooster and chickenlindau bad schachen stroll - water sinklindau bad schachen stroll - mini golflindau bad schachen stroll sequoia treelindau bad schachen stroll - friedensmuseum - peace museumlindau bad schachen stroll - lindenhof villalindau bad schachen stroll - lindenhof park alleelindau bad schachen stroll - chucks - converselindau bad schachen stroll - isle of lindaulindau bad schachen stroll - flowerslindau bad schachen stroll - schweizer hauslindau bad schachen stroll - schweizer hauslindau bad schachen lindau bad schachen stroll - curry wurstA walk in the park – Lindau Bad Schachen:
Just some random images I took while walking around the house and trough the Lindenhof Park. And last but not least – some Curry Wurst barbecue at a friends place. Sometimes nice stuff is just in front of you but since it´s there all the time you have to rediscover the beauty of it.


My Camera Collection

Camera CollectionCanon Canonet QL19 G-III QLCanon Canonet QL19 G-III QLLomo Super Sampler blueOlympus XAPanasonic DMC-LS70Olympus 35-DCOlympus 35-DCCanon SX230 4SCanon SX230 4SMinolta X-700Minolta X-700My camera collection:
I really do not collect cameras (as you can see from the dust on some of the cams) but I like some be-cause of their abilities, style and history.

First of all I like analog cameras be-cause they are made to be used and hard to kill! As you can see on pic two, I managed to break another fucking display.

Canon Powershoot SX 230 4S:
My all day companion and used for shooting photos since the Lumix TZ-10 was stolen in Morocco. The indoor and bad light abilities are better than the Lumix TZ-10 but the menus are confusing, the body is plastic and due to statics it´s a dustcatcher (and the display breaks). The next camera will be another metal body camera from the Lumix TZ-X family.

Panasonic DMC-LS70:
A substitute for a stolen camera which we bought in Mexico, crappy body, good optics, can be filled with normal batteries and tough survivor. It traveled with us 6 month to middle and south america. Still used as a backup camera.

Olympus XA:
A Lomo alternative. Some years ago quite cheap but prices are rising. One of the best and most compact cameras of its time. Just point and shoot, battery last for years and it has an integrated lens cover. My most used analog camera, great black and white images.

Canon Canonet QL19 G-IIQL – Olympus 35 DC:
I like them for their mechanics and style. I always wanted to try a rangefinder camera. They do make great images and I would say they are my poor men´s Leicas.

Minolta X-700:
My mother made with another Minolta X-700 most of our childhood photos. I repaired the family camera and bought another to not loose or damage it. I have a variety of lenses for it since they go on ebay for nearly nothing. Great camera. I shoot some of the best black and white portraits with it.

Lomo Super Sampler:
Funcam, it shoots 4 images delayed by 0,5 seconds trough every lens. So the camera of choice if you want to capture moving stuff. Great images with a creative outcome.

Brass Zippo be-fore being feinschmucked

brand new brass zippo lighter before beeing treated from feinschmuckbrand new brass zippo lighter before beeing treated from feinschmuck security noticeBrand new brass Zippo lighter be-fore being refined by Feinschmuck:
Yesterday I got two brass Zippo lighters ready to be treated by Feinschmuck, let´s see what they can turn them into. I´ll keep you updated as soon as they got their hands on them. I noticed the security warning on the lighter, hmm I have to get my old one but I´m pretty sure thats a new clue – yes a burning flame is hot and fuel spilled hands might burn as well – oh my god!

First test with putting some patina on the Zippo has been done, check the result here.

Prinz Eisenherz vintage comic book

Prinz Eisenherz - Kämpft gegen die Hunnen by Harold Foster vintage comic bookPrinz Eisenherz - Kämpft gegen die Hunnen by Harold Foster vintage comic bookPrinz Eisenherz - Kämpft gegen die Hunnen by Harold Foster vintage comic bookPrinz Eisenherz - Kämpft gegen die Hunnen by Harold Foster vintage comic book mapPrinz Eisenherz – Kämpft gegen die Hunnen by Harold Foster vintage comic book:

I found this nice vintage comic book in an antique shop and I guess I made a little man happy. I like the art/style of the drawings and I hope he will enjoy the stories and won´t use it as a scrapbook.