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Gnocchi handmade with spinach and gorgonzola

Gnocchi with gorgonzola and spinach ready to boilGnocchi with gorgonzola and spinach pattern with forkGnocchi with gorgonzola and spinach ready Gnocchi with gorgonzola and spinach and chilliesHomemade Gnocchi with spinach and gorgonzola:
It always sounded too much hassle to make gnocchi by myself – but Maria finally challenged me yesterday.
Here the recipe:
1000g of potatoes
200g of flour
2 egg yolk
bit of salt

Boil the potatoes until they crack, peel them and mash them. Knead them with the four, eggs and salt while they are still warm. Make about 4 rolls and cut them into even “slices”. Press them with a fork a bit. Put them for about 3 minutes in boiling water and keep the ready ones warm in the oven until you made them all. Thats it! The recipe above has to be fine tuned a bit, be-cause they turn out a bit too soft – just a bit. 1/2 semiola and 1/2 flour might be the solution.


Straight Razor – hair test

Straight Razor – hair test:

To check the sharpness of your straight razor simply grab the hair with the hair root facing the palm/floor and the thinner end towards the sky. If you have no decent long hair for this test – have a look at the other half of your bed you should be able to find some from a/your lady. Gently move down the hair to the razor blade and you should hear the “pling”. If not grap the hair either a bit more to the end and give it more weight for the blade or turn it around. If still not successful give it to an expert for a resharpening and let him teach you of how to keep it sharp with the leather stromp. I read the blade should last for about 1000 shaves before a resharpening is needed again. So give it a try for the full joy of a clean shave rather than a “ripping of the hair feeling”.

Unsmartphoning for dummies

Unsmartphoning for dummiesUnsmartphoning for dummies:
The actual plan was to test this Samsung Nexus and try for a while and then sell it. But just after some weeks it felt down on the wrong spot and the display cracked. So I kept it for longer and it´s a fine phone I have to say.

BUT it comes with all the faults the smartphone devices have.
Which are:
– Battery life panik, you can not stay overnight without a charger with you.
– Displays are way to fragile. You might argue that a Notebook display will also crack when you drop but. But a mobile phone is designed to be carried around all day. So from my point of view it has to be constructed that it can handle some bumps. But it´s a smartphone seen also from the point of the producer. Short lifespan and high addiction to upgrade!

And the worst of all, the addiction to constantly feeding this Tamagotchi with your attention. Which means you fall into the habit of permanently checking the status of your mails, facebook, blogstats, sms, whatsapp …
You hardly see anyone not fumbling around with his smartphone nowadays. Even with friends and family around. When I recognized the same pattern of behavior on me I know I had to change something.

So I went back to the well engineered Sony Ericsson 108i Cedar (used for about 25 Euros). Around 3 days of battery life. On purpose to display how tough it is, I drop it without any fear floors to challenge IPhone users if they can do the same with theirs. The phone has got an email client so not a too hard step back from technology – and a bit of a cheat. I´m happy now and not a a bit less smarter I would say. Time is rare and the monkey brain is busy enough.

Welcome to the shave club – Whiskey shave soap

Welcom to the Shaveclub - Whiskey shave soap by Portland General StoreWelcom to the Shaveclub - Whiskey shave soap by Portland General Store with straight razorWelcom to the Shaveclub - Whiskey shave soap by Portland General Store with straight razorWelcome to the shave club – Whiskey shave soap

It´s no secret I like knifes and blades and I get the pest when some marketing freak tells me I need a safety razor with 5 blades for a shave.

So Eric from Life Time Gear hit the spot when he gave me this Whiskey shave soap from Portland General Store as a present on our Frankurt trip 2 weeks ago. Meanwhile, I gave it a try and it performed very well, the lather was very dense, only comparable to the good stuff used by millions of turkish men The Arko shave soap I use normally. The decent smell of whiskey and the packaging will make it my first choice for the next +100 straight razor shaves. Thanks Eric!