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Otter Wax, waterproof your fabrics

Otter Wax, waterproof your fabric

Otter Wax, waterproof your fabric:
Thanks to Frederic for bringing my attention to Otter Wax. Waxing natural fibres to make them waterproof is not a total new invention, more a forgotten practise. Probably the only company who still does it until now on a large scale is Barbour. But actually you can waterproof your shoes, backpack, jeans or jacket with a bar of Otter Wax quite easily.

Available is Otter Wax via their webshop in the US and in Europe via Warenmagazijn.

DamnYak´s awesome pouch

damnyak handcrafted pouch leather logo with copper rivetsdamnyak handcrafted wollen pouch emptydamnyak handmade in canada ontario pouchdamnyak dry goods handmade in canada ontario pouchdamnyak handcrafted pouch survival or hiking contentdamnyak handcrafted pouch filled and closes nearly ...damnyak handcrafted pouch now closes

Damn Yak Dry Goods Wool & Canvas Possibles Pouch:
A while ago Chris from DamnYak featured his handcrafted pouch. A conversation went back an forth, be-cause I thought the shipping fees would be much to high to get this item to Germany. However Chris calculated and I could not say no. The final price of around 30 Euros incl.  shipping was by far not too much.

This post is actually waiting for too long,  so its images were not shoot in good light conditions and I have to get used to the new camera. But I had the need to finally say thank you Chris. Ok when I got it, it took me a while to actually figure out the best use for it. And “TaTa” it will serve as my new and bigger “grab and you got everything you need pouch” when I´m going outdoors. The basic stuff and some extra stuff which are easily forgotten if you have them not bundled well together.

From the top left:
– Compass
– Earplugs (a must, against snoring guys in the mountain huts”)
– a nose flute (always fun to let people figure out how to play it)
– tape
– matches
– tooth silk (freaks me out to have some jerky between the teeth)
– energy snack
– spare laces for the boots
– Petzl LED light (you never can have enough of them)
– sugar, salt and pepper (tomatoes taste just so much better if you bring it with you)
– mouth drum
– film box, to store the salt and pepper stuff
– fishing line and hooks
– Leatherman tool
– a stainless flask with brandy for the campfire or the cheer someone
– Compeed blister pflaster (never needed it so far, with good boots)
– a candle
– wire to fix heavy duty equipment or to build traps
– tissues ? what for … hmm
– rescue blanket
fritz the monster – my buddy !
– tobacco and papers (I usually don´t smoke but after a long hike, I have to)
– Sun-blocker
– Fire-starters

Everything fits in the pouch – nearly. The Petzl and the flask/Flachmann are better kept closer. This is just the raw version for the first trip with a more spacious bag, I guess some stuff will be removed and others will move in. Again thanks, the pouch could´t be more stylish for this use.

Swiss Army backpack from 1973 – salt and pepper

swiss military backpack salt and pepper 1973 full view frontswiss military backpack salt and pepper 1973 back viewswiss military backpack salt and pepper 1973 strapsswiss military backpack salt and pepper 1973 stampswiss military backpack salt and pepper 1973 buckleswiss military backpack salt and pepper 1973 bottomswiss military backpack salt and pepper 1973 front bag strapsSwiss Army backpack from 1973, salt and pepper pattern:

First of all thanks a lot for the hint of Chris from Damn Yak, via his website in Canada I discovered this great vintage backpack from the Swiss Army. The toughness and the design is outstanding – I did not find one faulty attachment point or seam. Everything is done in a Swiss “perfectionistic” way. It was really designed for lasting a lifetime. Regarding that this rucksack sells for less than 40 Euros on Ebay I would say there is no backpack with a better value/style factor. The stamp on the pack says “L MAUERHOFER SELLERE GOLLION 73“. I would rate this backpack with a capacity of around 50 Liters and I´m sure without any problems It can handle easy 20 kg of stuff. Due to the canvas belt which acts as a suspender or a distance holder of the lower back it feels quite comfortable.

If you are searching for a daybag, I would go for the smaller version of this backpack.