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Hiking to the Sarotlahütte – Austria

Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  787 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  786 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  788 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  789 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  790 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  791 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  792 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  793 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  794 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  795 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  796 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  797 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  785 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  798 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  799 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  800Hiking to the Sarotlahütte – Austria

Last weekend we went to the Sarotlahütte in Austria, a perfekt spot for stay for a night and to do further hikes in this area. Snow came early this year and the hut was closed, as most huts at high altitude do. We enjoyed the warm sun the stunning panorama and of corse our “Brotzeit” / picknick up there.



Herbstspaziergang 721 Herbstspaziergang 722 Herbstspaziergang 723 Herbstspaziergang 724 Herbstspaziergang 725 Herbstspaziergang 727 Herbstspaziergang 728 Herbstspaziergang 726 Herbstspaziergang 729Herbstspaziergang

No time for hiking recently, but a short walk in the countryside in the woods is always possible and worth it. Some nice colored leaves, the always so green moss, a corncob left behind, the panorama of the alps or the flight/landing of the bees.


Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger Velva Retan

Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger Velva Retan 392 Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger Velva Retan 391 Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger Velva Retan 387 Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger Velva Retan 388 Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger Velva Retan 389 Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger Velva Retan 390

Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger brown Velva Retan leather

Last week I had the chance to finally see the Red Wing 8128 in the Jeanslife store in Winterthur. Roger got this model on stock since 3 weeks, quite about the same time when Red Wing Amsterdam released the info on their blog. I never liked the dark brown of the former and discontinued model and wished to have a more cognac leather. Like my Red Wing 9013 would have been perfect. The actual color of the Red Wing 8128 is hard to describe, it´s a more a  “grey brown”. Definitely a bit darker as on the Red Wing Amsterdam images.

When you search for Velva Retan Leather you find out that this leather was also used for the industrial Red Wing Syle 952 which tells you that it´s going to be a tough one.

Another info I found what exactly Velva Retan leather is, was this:
Pioneer: A brand of oil retan leather. Also known as Velva Retan. After the initial tanning, the leather is subjected to hot steam in a tanning drum and then shot with hot oil and waxes. The open pores absorb these chemicals until they are saturated. This leather is primarily for work boots.”

(C) and source of this info here

So what do we have now? The classic appearance of a brogue boot, made out of a though workboot leather and paired with the lightweight and hardwearing Nitril Cork sole. Sounds promising to me.


Hiking – Schröcken, Biberacherhütte

Biberacher Hütte - Schröcken hiking river view autumn leavesBiberacher Hütte - Schröcken hiking distant mountainBiberacher Hütte - Schröcken hiking autumn grass and mountainBiberacher Hütte - Schröcken hiking panoramaBiberacher Hütte - Schröcken hiking panoramaBiberacher Hütte - Schröcken hiking panoramaBiberacher Hütte - Schröcken hiking jaw found Biberacher Hütte - Schröcken hiking panorama mountainsBiberacher Hütte - Schröcken hiking distant view mountains panoramaBiberacher Hütte - Schröcken hiking trekking view montains panorama

Hiking – Schröcken, Biberacherhütte:
After a feast with friends on some excellent roasted ducks at Gasthof Traube plus dessert it was a must to vaporize the calories the other day. One hour from home, after Schoppernauwe went straight to the Biberacher Hütte and continued the path in a superb mountain panorama to SchröckenUnfortunately no cake since off season has already started. The weather was outstanding, no autumn at all.

Can someone identify the jawbone i found? Teeth are sharp as it is from a carnivore but no fangs?

Mountain panorama this morning

Mountain panorama with snow Säntis - Bodensee - Lindau 1Mountain panorama with snow Säntis - Bodensee - Lindau 2Mountain panorama with snow Säntis - Bodensee - Lindau 3

Mountain panorama with snow Säntis - Bodensee - Lindau 4

Mountain panorama this morning:
What a great panorama view on my way cycling to work.  The water in front is the lake of constance (Bodensee), behind the newly snow covered alps and the big one is the Säntis. I better hurry up to make some more hiking trips this autumn or snow shoes are the other option.


Have a nice weekend – Red wine time

Barbera d´Alba Fontanafredda 2011


Red wine time – Barbera d´Alba Fontanafredda:
The weather here is definitely shifting us towards red wine. Homemade pizza with friends will be accompanied by some bottles of Barbera d´Alba Fontanafredda.

Enjoy the weekend!


mushrooms in the forrestold territory stone in the forrestmushrooms - kitty and marymushrooms in the forrestmushrooms in the forrestmushrooms in the forrestmushroomsheadmushrooms in the forrest mushrooms in the forrest mushrooms in the forrest mushrooms in the forrest mushrooms in the forrest fliegenpilzmushrooms in the forrestmushrooms on a birchmushroom closeup - macromushroom closeup - macromushrooms in the forrestmushroom in the forrest

Mushrooms in the forrest:
It was ment to be just a lazy walk in a nearby forrest but I never saw this much mushrooms. With only a knowledge of about 3-4 mushrooms it´s hard to start to collect. And answers like, “hm it could be a …” or “ah this looks probably like a …” isn´t too appealing to pick and cook them for a family dinner. So we were generous and leaving them for the others.