Herbstspaziergang 721 Herbstspaziergang 722 Herbstspaziergang 723 Herbstspaziergang 724 Herbstspaziergang 725 Herbstspaziergang 727 Herbstspaziergang 728 Herbstspaziergang 726 Herbstspaziergang 729Herbstspaziergang

No time for hiking recently, but a short walk in the countryside in the woods is always possible and worth it. Some nice colored leaves, the always so green moss, a corncob left behind, the panorama of the alps or the flight/landing of the bees.


1 thought on “Herbstspaziergang

  1. Stroppe Dentallabor

    Hallo Alex,

    wie schön . Danke für die Impressionen für uns Büromäuse.

    Schönen Abend

    Gruß Irene


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