About me

Why this blog?

Eat – Travel – Style – Collect, why? be-cause!

No honestly:

  • Eat – it is not just essential it is passion and culture
  • Travel – it is the university of life
  • Style/Dress – “Kleider machen Leute”, that’s how people judge you at first glance and defines yourself.
  • Collect – things that are important for you or are worth to be preserved

It’s the effort to stick out of mainstream, gather images of things which are different.
In a time were products are constructed to break down soon, where pride behind it is mostly missing and profit is the only goal, I think it is worth to mention the others.

About me:
I´m Alex, since 1973. From the south of Germany, Bavaria – Lake of Constance area.
Just read trough this blog and you, maybe know more about me than I know ;-)

I work a lot with leather.

Alexander von Bronewski Manufaktur Mia Feline Photography 1392
(c) by Mia Feline – Golden Fox 

You can contact me via email, take becauseblog@ and put not a you.com in the back, use me.com instead.

All content © by be-cause-blog.com unless stated otherwise.

Some images & videos featured on be-cause have been found at various sources around the web. If you own the rights to any of these and want me to delete please contact me immediately. THX.

20 thoughts on “About me

  1. Moritz

    …sehr schön gemacht und mit einem hast du absolut recht: “Just read trough this blog and you, maybe know more about me than I know “…lg

  2. jungemitideen

    Hallo lieber Alex, ex-Arbeitskollege und Freund. Ich mag Deine Einstellung zu bestimmten Dingen. (Essen z.B.)
    Schön, dass ich Dich kennen darf und Lob zum Blog. Ist witzig und tief!

    Grüße Moe

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  4. Sérgio Médici Paolini Jr

    Alex,sou um viciado em seu blog e seu estilo,estive na baviera ano passado e sinto muitas saudades,fiquei 3 dias em Constance,sem dúvida o melhor lugar que conhecina vida,saudades deste adorável lugar….continue com suas postagens ,elas me deixam muito feliz e saudoso pela identificação e bom gosto .

    Abraços Sérgio de São Paulo,Brasil.

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  6. Fab

    Wirklich schöner Blog, Grüße aus Ravensburg … ;-) …

    Noch ein Tipp in Ravensburg falls du die nicht kennst: four-aces.com

    1. Alex Post author

      Hallo Fab,
      danke für den Tip, da werde ich sicherlich beim nächsten Ravensburg besuch mal vorbeischauen.
      Gruß Alex

  7. John Meng

    Hi Alex!
    I’m John Meng, e-commerce manager of San Francisco Market from Seoul Korea.
    If it’s okay with you, we need your logo files on your brand introducing page.
    Hope, you see this massage and contact me soon.
    Thank you, have a nice day. :)

  8. Marc Schmid

    Hallo Alex

    Einen tollen Blog führst du hier! Ich bin darauf gestossen als ich Infos über das Tellason Coverall Jacket gesucht habe, und werde ab jetzt wohl öfters hier reinschauen!

    Gruss, Marc

  9. Michael

    I liked you Indian summer bivouac piece. Very nice. You are blessed with beautiful countryside. What kind of dog do you have? WHat is the breed? Looks like he has fun on your travles.

    1. Alex Post author

      Tillmann is a Boderterriermix I do not know the other half. Indeed he is basically enjoying everything. Hiking, watersports or even a trip to the moon ;-)


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