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Swiss Army Leather Container from 1981

Swiss Army Leather Container from 1981 by S. Fluhmann from Kerzers

What a lucky find! Thanks Philip Fust – Das Emporium for supplying me with another rare masterpiece by the Swiss Army Saddlers. This piece was probably never in real use and since I have not seen any similar before it might be “just” a prototype. It is made out of solid 3 mm swiss bridle leather and stitched by hand. Notice the hidden seams to avoid friction on a thread on one side. The handles suggest that it was not made for heavy duty use like ammunition or mortarshells. My guess it was made for maps, however the aluminium reenforced bottom suggest the items carried inside had some weight. Interesting is also the attachment loop with a buckle. Probably it is there to attach the container to a pole (of a Jeep). It will serve me as an inspiration for future leatherworks im designing or even being used to store cut leatherpieces rolled in it and work mobile on my Riese & Müller cargo bike somewhere in summer in the courtryside. The size of the bag is 50 x 32 x 14,5 cm.

Vintage Swiss Army Duffle Bag

Vintage Swiss Army Duffle Bagschweizer militär seesack 4759schweizer militär seesack 4756schweizer militär seesack 4758schweizer militär seesack 4757

Vintage Swiss Army Duffle Bag from 1974

For my leatherworks some of the biggest inspirations are vintage items which passed the years of use with ease. By studying the wear you can get precious lessons on how to design items with the same goal to craft a lifetimepiece. This vintage swiss army duffle bag have not seem to get any use at all but it is still a masterpiece of a simple, timeless and well crafted bag. Well placed reinforcements, solid rivets and great materials. You see on the type of canvas (no salt and pepper) that it´s of newer origin, I got a toolroll of the same material. Remember to really give those items a good treatment of leatheroil to ensure the dried out leather wont break. Once its broken the damage is done. That what I did immediately. Thanks a lot to Stefan Feichtinger who gave this bag to me at the Boot Root Odershow in Zürich as a present by knowing the bag will be well cared and understood.


Bucket Bag “Gloria” cognac leather

Gloria bucket bag Alexander von Bronewski Leder Cognac hellbraun  3500 Gloria bucket bag Alexander von Bronewski Leder Cognac hellbraun  3501 Gloria bucket bag Alexander von Bronewski Leder Cognac hellbraun  3502

Bucket Bag “Gloria” cognac veg. tanned leather

Quite for some month I´ve been designing and redesigning this bucket bag in my head. Last week I finally hand sew the “Gloria” for my sister Gloria after we discussed her requirements. A magazine (about DIN A4) should definitely fit in and I extended the size even a bit to store a 13 inch Macbook inside. A bespoke leatherpatch with one of her favorite slogans “no guts no glory” makes the bag even more unique. The bag is still at my leather workshop but it will get handed over to her tomorrow. The bag was completely sewn by hand and saddle stitched with two needles so it´s really handmade (not “handmade” by operating a sewing machine with the hands). The Leather is probably the most eco friendly certified leather you can buy in Germany/Europe. The tannery is located in the south of Germany and the hides are from cows from the alpine region close by as well. For me it´s an important thing to support the local tanneries and craftsmen as i hope my clients do as well. The size of the bag is approx. 35 x 25 x 15 cm. Inquiries about the bucket bag via my website.

Alexander von Bronewski Manufaktur – Photoshooting

Tote Bag Cognac Handgenäht Tote Bag Cognac Handgenäht Tote Bag Cognac Handgenäht Tote Bag Cognac Handgenäht Leather covered Flask, Lederflachmann Flachmann Leder Leather handvernäht handsewn belt, handgenähter ledergürtel Clutch Leder handgenäht, handsewn cognac basic Pickrad, Overstitchwheel Douk Douk - Sujet Venus Passionfrance

Alexander von Bronewski Manufaktur – Photoshooting with Mia Feline / Goldenfox

This week I got a visit at my workshop from the Photographer Mia Feline – Goldenfox.
She spent a day with me and Tillmann to capture me working (an Tillmann waiting to finally going to play Frisbee) on various products eg. a Clutch Bag, a Tote Bag, a Belt and a leather covered Flask. Im very happy with the results and for sure this will not be the last time we work with Mia and Goldenfox.


Leather covered customized flask

Leder Flachmann - Flask Leather Leder Flachmann - Flask Leather Leder Flachmann - Flask Leather Leder Flachmann - Flask Leather


Leather covered customized Flask

It all started by borrowing my flask to friends who went on a hiking trip without a good spirit – I could not join them this time, but gave them my well filled flask. (Which I still haven´t got back!)

In the need to get a replacement quick, I did some research, but could not find anything really appealing to me. So I had the Idea to cover a standard stainless steel flask with some of my veg. tanned leather. I customize them with the initials and sew them by hand, orders can be placed, but I got already a lot to craft before christmas.

Flachmann mit Lederbezug – Customized leather covered flask 

iPhone 6 hand sewn leather cover

iphone6 cover leather hand sewn  820 iphone6 cover leather hand sewn  820 iphone6 cover leather hand sewn  820 iphone6 cover leather hand sewn  820 iphone6 cover leather hand sewn  820

iPhone 6 hand sewn leather cover

I´m probably one of the first who hand sew a iPhone 6 cover out of leather. I went yesterday with the specs of the new models by Apple to the carpenter next door to get models out of wood. There have to be some little adjustments to be made, but basically the size what I have taken for the leather were ok. The leather is still a bit wet from the shaping over the form but in about an hour or two the leather will be a nice chestnut.

be-cause-bag – Leather Tote bag project

Leather Tote bag Tote Bag - be-cause-blog  019 Tote Bag - be-cause-blog  020 Tote Bag - be-cause-blog  021 Tote Bag - be-cause-blog  022 Tote Bag - be-cause-blog  023 Tote Bag - be-cause-blog  024 Tote Bag - be-cause-blog  026 Tote Bag - be-cause-blog  027 Tote Bag - be-cause-blog  028

be-cause-bag – Leather Tote bag project

It was in my mind for a long time to finally hand sew my first handbag. The ingredients were simple. First of all the best vegetable tanned leather I could get my hands on, simple design, hand stitched with saddle stitch, best thread, no zippers (they will break at first), and some well thought of practical details. Overall it took me about 10 hours to cut and sew this bag.

A while ago I took test cast of the Indian Head from Feinschmuck out of solid copper and turned it into a button. It now serves the locking for the bag. Interchangable with other buttons and the leather straps can be easily changed as well over the years. This is just a start, I will produce more leather tote bags soon – waiting for more leather hides.