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Pedal, a movie about the cyclist Hera Van Willick

Forty-three countries down, Hera Van Willick – Pedal rides her bicycle across continents, fully self-supported. This is her journey and what she has learned along the way.

Watching this short movie makes you jump right on your bike and head somewhere.
Thanks Fabian for sharing it with me!

Flower market Bangkok – Thailand

Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 078 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 079 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 080 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 081 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 082 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 083 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 084 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 085 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 086 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 087 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 088 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 089 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 090 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 091

Flower market Bangkok – Thailand

We went for about 20 days on a trip to “our” beloved Thailand. I not even take more than 500 images but still the flower market images in Bangkok are a bit too much to squeeze them in with the others.

So ok it was Marias idea to visit the flower market – Pak Khlong Talat at around 35 Celsius to see “Flowers”. But honestly I have to say I enjoyed it. The vast amount of flowers and the creativity how they were arranged was great. It definitely worth to see if you are on the Chao Phraya river anyway and have seen a lot of Temples already.

Piedmont Italy 2013 short break

Piemont Italy 2013 914 Piemont Italy 2013 900 Piemont Italy 2013 910 Piemont Italy 2013 909 Piemont Italy 2013 901 Piemont Italy 2013 902 Piemont Italy 2013 907 Piemont Italy 2013 903 Piemont Italy 2013 904 Piemont Italy 2013 905 Piemont Italy 2013 906 Piemont Italy 2013 908 Piemont Italy 2013 911 Piemont Italy 2013 912 Piemont Italy 2013 913 Piemont Italy 2013 915 Piemont Italy 2013 916 Piemont Italy 2013 917 Piemont Italy 2013 918 Piemont Italy 2013 919 Piemont Italy 2013 920 Piemont Italy 2013 921 Piemont Italy 2013 922 Piemont Italy 2013 923Piedmont Italy 2013 short break

We used the holiday last friday well and took a short break in Italy Piedmont. Here some random images which might describe the journey quite well. Italy and especially Piedmont is still the unmatched paradise (within Europe) when it comes to eating well (too well).

With a bit of common sense it´s easy to find the crowded places where people who like to eat well, gather together. Culture and a great landscapes / sceneries are within reach as well. We will be back for sure!

Hank bought a bus

hank bought a bus in the wild hank bought a bus interiour hank bought a bus hank bought a bus yellowstone hank bought a bus hey imgurHank bought a bus

Hank Butitta was very close to his master thesis for architecture and sick of theoretical stuff, so he bought a school bus and converted it to a mobile home. After the presentation was a full success, he decided to field test the interior by driving the bus for about 5000 miles trough the states. Great Project and Inspiration of the day/week.


Sailing Trip – Amalfi Coast – Italy

italy amalfi coast 30 italy amalfi coast 01 italy amalfi coast 02 italy amalfi coast 03 italy amalfi coast 04 italy amalfi coast 05 italy amalfi coast 06 italy amalfi coast 07 italy amalfi coast 08 italy amalfi coast 09 italy amalfi coast 10 italy amalfi coast 11 italy amalfi coast 12 italy amalfi coast 13 italy amalfi coast 14 italy amalfi coast 15 italy amalfi coast 16 italy amalfi coast 17 italy amalfi coast 18 italy amalfi coast 19 italy amalfi coast 20 italy amalfi coast 21 italy amalfi coast 22 italy amalfi coast 23 italy amalfi coast 24 italy amalfi coast 25 italy amalfi coast 26 italy amalfi coast 27 italy amalfi coast 28 italy amalfi coast 29 italy amalfi coast b1 italy amalfi coast b2 italy amalfi coast b3


Sailing Trip – Amalfi Coast – Italy:
I hope you are not to desperate for a break and are close to go on holiday soon. Anyway I want to share with you some images I took on a sailing trip with some friends on the Amalfi coast. What can I say about it? Great to be on a boat, pick the nicest destinations, hop of the boat, enjoy some luxury, eg. fine food and hop back on the boat for solitude. Good discussions, jokes, drinks, weather, food, wind  – we had it all!

Best of Istanbul, Edogan take a break!

best of Istanbul turkey 6 best of Istanbul turkey 1 best of Istanbul turkey 2 best of Istanbul turkey 9 best of Istanbul turkey 3 best of Istanbul turkey 4 best of Istanbul turkey 5 best of Istanbul turkey 7 best of Istanbul turkey 8
Best of Istanbul, Edogan take a break!
It makes me really sad to see “my Instanbul” and the people of Istanbul suffer. I had great moments there. Once on a backpacking trip to Turkey and by luck I ran intoFatih Akin and had a great time with him and his filmcrew while they filmed The Edge of Heaven in Istanbul. And once celebrating new year 2010/2011. How can you not fall in love with a city with such a great history, with so good food, so friendly people and so rich in culture? And it makes me angry seeing someone attacking it. My fullest support, at least a bit, to the people on the streets of Istanbul – sadly only digital but worth a try.

If you look at the images above closer you might recognize the be-cause blog logo.  Other stories like one of the best straight razor shaves (ok it was a shavette razor) or the story of the find of my Zeus ring at the grand bazar by meeting a Armenian silversmith. I hope the best for the liberty and safety for the people of Istanbul and Turkey.