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2012 -> 2013

vineyard with fog piemont2012 -> 2013
is/was great, 2013 is going to be even better. Some stuff is already visible coming up, some is still a bit foggy and in the distance. We are heading to Copenhagen – Denmark right now, so no post before the 2013. Thanks a lot to all of you!

Ice Ice Baby – Glaciers Argentina / Patagonia

glaciers argentina patagonia- ice ice baby1glaciers argentina patagonia- ice ice babyglaciers argentina patagonia petito moreno - ice ice baby3glaciers argentina patagonia petito moreno - ice ice babyglaciers argentina patagonia petito moreno - ice ice baby5glaciers argentina patagonia petito moreno - ice ice baby6glaciers argentina patagonia petito moreno - ice ice baby mate teaglaciers argentina patagonia petito moreno - ice ice baby full mate tea toolsglaciers argentina patagonia petito moreno - ice ice baby Ice Ice Baby – Glaciers Argentina / Patagonia:
Since so many people are right now on holidays and my plan was actually to post some of my best holiday pics. But somehow I stumbled over some photos from Argentina/Patagonia. I was there 2007 and visited Perito Moreno Glacier. I figured out that you might like some ice today – regarding the temp. right now, enjoy!

Best of Mallorca April/May 2012

best of mallorca - lighthouse andratxbest of mallorca - wild goats best of mallorca - lonely bay with cristal clear waterbest of mallorca - small blue flower best of mallorca - harbour with fisherman ships and fishingnetbest of mallorca - fisherman doorbest of mallorca - fishing boatsbest of mallorca - olive treebest of mallorca - knock on the door ringbest of mallorca - rusted window gatesbest of mallorca - snail, slowfoodbest of mallorca - cathedral palma best of mallorca paellabest of mallorca vintage bikebest of mallorca - orange tree with clocktowerBest of Mallorca April/Mai 2012:
For sure the best was the day on the Moonbeam IV but the other days were wonderful as well. If you watch your steps and plan where to go you hardly run into the tourist masses and can have a great time. I will post one of my favorite restaurants within the next days.

Moonbeam IV Yacht 1/2

Moonbeam IV Yacht Moonbeam IV YachtMoonbeam IV YachtMoonbeam IV Yacht Moonbeam IV Yacht - detail hookMoonbeam IV Yacht - full view leaving the boatMoonbeam IV Yacht Moonbeam IV Yacht Moonbeam IV Yacht - with the moon beamingMoonbeam IV Yacht - anchoredMoonbeam IV Yacht bronce logoMoonbeam IV YachtMoonbeam IV Yacht - steering wheelMoonbeam IV Yacht - ropesMoonbeam IV Yacht - detailsMoonbeam IV Yacht - detailsMoonbeam IV Yacht - steering wheelMoonbeam IV Yacht - bronze logoMoonbeam IV Yacht life saverMoonbeam IV Yacht - ashtrayMoonbeam IV Yacht Moonbeam IV yacht, first post:
The Moonbeam IV yacht made in 1914 by William Fife in Scotland combines beauty, comfort and speed. Just look at the details of this wonderful racer and also cruiser. Check the Moonbeam IV website for a charter or professional photos of the yacht in action.

Milano – Salone 2012 a great weekend

salone 2012 milano duomo installationsalone 2012 milano university salone 2012 milano - cafe, crodino and tramezzinisalone 2012 milano - lambrate salone 2012 milano - lambrate salone 2012 milano lambrate architecturesalone 2012 milano distelnsalone 2012 milano ripped folderssalone 2012 milano sander mulder containersalone 2012 milano - asparagus salone 2012 milano - camparisalone 2012 milano austin martin carsalone 2012 milano vongolesalone 2012 milano sea chair projectsalone 2012 milano sea chair lambratesalone 2012 milano - bar for sailors onlysalone 2012 milano - traffic sign salone 2012 milano campari sodaMilano – Salone 2012 what a great weekend:
Combining traveling with friends, meeting friends in Milano and having the Salone furniture fair with all its exhibitions and events around is a sure bet for a great weekend. Weather was fine as well, snow on the San Bernardino but as more we approached Milano it got warmer and warmer.  We were welcomed with some great wines and homemade pasta & vongole and the evening went quite into the morning. Next day we headed to the Lambrate area where you mostly see young designers and students showing their work to the world. A great vibe with amazing architecture and a great mix of exhibited objects. The Sea Chair Project and the works of Sander Mulder were the most memorable to me. Later that day we went to the Brera district for some shopping and due to the fact that you just have to look out for the read flags you can find art as much as you have capacity there as well. Milano is very special and you can find too much interesting stuff everywhere so I just posted some random images of the whole trip. Just one great last advice – save some money for the shopping in one of the Italian supermarkets before heading home – hmm awesome stuff as well. Hard to believe that just 3,5 hours southwards the food, fruits and vegetables are such at a different level …

Chinese Multipurpose Pocket Knife

chinese multi purpose pocket knife - the boxchinese multi purpose pocket knife - the five knifeschinese multi purpose pocket knife - five knifes closerchinese multi purpose pocket knife - one knife openchinese multi purpose pocket knife - macro shootChinese Sports Multi Purpose Pocket Knife:
Two years ago I bought these knifes in Thailand in the busy harbor city of Ranong which is very close to Burma. Walking trough the streets I saw this shop selling one of this knifes. I liked the bizarre motives on the knife. Does it mean you can use this knife for: weight lifting, tennis, ping pong, shooting/hunting, …  so a multi sports purpose pocket knife? Or is it a talisman for doing this sports. Since it was Chinese new year the 2nd guess might be more likely. The shop owner could not answer my question, however to get a good good price a took a dozen – they might still wonder what this “falang” (thai for foreigner) is doing with this stuff.