Best of Mallorca April/May 2012

best of mallorca - lighthouse andratxbest of mallorca - wild goats best of mallorca - lonely bay with cristal clear waterbest of mallorca - small blue flower best of mallorca - harbour with fisherman ships and fishingnetbest of mallorca - fisherman doorbest of mallorca - fishing boatsbest of mallorca - olive treebest of mallorca - knock on the door ringbest of mallorca - rusted window gatesbest of mallorca - snail, slowfoodbest of mallorca - cathedral palma best of mallorca paellabest of mallorca vintage bikebest of mallorca - orange tree with clocktowerBest of Mallorca April/Mai 2012:
For sure the best was the day on the Moonbeam IV but the other days were wonderful as well. If you watch your steps and plan where to go you hardly run into the tourist masses and can have a great time. I will post one of my favorite restaurants within the next days.

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