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Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger Velva Retan

Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger Velva Retan 392 Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger Velva Retan 391 Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger Velva Retan 387 Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger Velva Retan 388 Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger Velva Retan 389 Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger Velva Retan 390

Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger brown Velva Retan leather

Last week I had the chance to finally see the Red Wing 8128 in the Jeanslife store in Winterthur. Roger got this model on stock since 3 weeks, quite about the same time when Red Wing Amsterdam released the info on their blog. I never liked the dark brown of the former and discontinued model and wished to have a more cognac leather. Like my Red Wing 9013 would have been perfect. The actual color of the Red Wing 8128 is hard to describe, it´s a more a  “grey brown”. Definitely a bit darker as on the Red Wing Amsterdam images.

When you search for Velva Retan Leather you find out that this leather was also used for the industrial Red Wing Syle 952 which tells you that it´s going to be a tough one.

Another info I found what exactly Velva Retan leather is, was this:
Pioneer: A brand of oil retan leather. Also known as Velva Retan. After the initial tanning, the leather is subjected to hot steam in a tanning drum and then shot with hot oil and waxes. The open pores absorb these chemicals until they are saturated. This leather is primarily for work boots.”

(C) and source of this info here

So what do we have now? The classic appearance of a brogue boot, made out of a though workboot leather and paired with the lightweight and hardwearing Nitril Cork sole. Sounds promising to me.


Dalton M. Ghetti Pencil carving art

dalton ghetti pen min chain carving art dalton ghetti elvis-carved-onto-tip-of-pencil dalton ghetti red wing pen carving art dalton ghetti art alphabet-carved-into-pencils dalton ghetti hearts pencil-art-carving dalton ghetti key art dalton ghetti pen art saw dalton ghetti pencil-art heart


Dalton M. Ghetti – pencil mine carving art:
Amazing artwork by carving stuff out from the mine of a pen. Luckily I found the name of  this artist to figure out more about his artwork. Dalton M. Ghetti my fullest admiration about your patience and skills!

Read his bio here:
Dalton began learning how to handle tools at the young age of 6 when at school in Brazil, he and the other students used either a razor blade or a pocket knife to sharpen their pencils for drawing and writing. 

Also, his mother was a seamstress. When Dalton was 8 years old, she taught him how to use a sewing needle to help her with simple projects like hemming and sewing buttons. At the age of 9, his parents gave him a set of metal tools for children, which he used to make his own boxes, toys and go-carts. This is also the age when he began sculpting with knives, chisels and a hammer. Ever since, he has created many objects out of all kinds of materials. 

At first, he carved large objects; but in 1986, as a challenge to himself and because of his interest in small living things, like plants (moss) and insects (spiders and ants), he decided to create the smallest possible carvings that he could see with his naked eyes. One day, he picked up a working pencil and started carving it. 

His idea is to bring people’s attention to small things. Small is beautiful. Most of the pencils he uses are found on the streets and sidewalks. Dalton’s work is a recycling process. He turns discarded objects into art. 

To create his sculpture, he holds the pencil in his hand under a strong light source (table lamp or sunlight) and carves it mostly with a sewing needle and a very sharp, triangular, small, metal blade. He works at very small intervals: 1 to 2 hours maximum per day whenever he gets inspired. He works very slowly by removing specks of graphite at a time. It therefore takes months or sometimes years to complete a sculpture. 

For Dalton, sculpting pencils is a hobby and a form of meditation, which requires a lot of patience. His pencil carvings are not for sale. He doesn’t do it for money. He sculpts pencils mostly for himself and his art comes from his heart. He wants to keep it that way.

Copyright by of the Text and the Photos by Dalton M. Ghetti

Post WWII German Army boots size 42 on Ebay

german post WWII vintage boots from baltes full view from the sidePost WWII German Army boots size 42 on Ebay:
Be-cause the images on Ebay are so bad so I will post my images here. Another fine pair of Baltes post WWII German Army boots in size 42 are right now on ebay. They are the version with the thick leather which will look sometime like mine on the image above. They are goodyear welted, got the vorwerk sole and have the wooden shoenails.

Check the full post I did on this boots a while ago.

Red Wings 9013 cycling

Red Wing 9013 Boots cycling with Fuji Singlespeed orangeRed Wing 9013 Boots cycling with Fuji Singlespeed front left bootRed Wing 9013 Boots cycling with Fuji Singlespeed right shoe Red Wing 9013 Boots cycling with Fuji Singlespeed streetrideRed Wing 9013 Boots cycling with Fuji Singlespeed - pike brothers roamer pantRed Wing 9013 Boots cycling with Fuji Singlespeed handlebarRed Wing 9013 Boots cycling with Fuji Singlespeed -  me, tellason topper denim shirtRed Wing 9013 Boots cycling with Fuji Singlespeed goodbye

Red Wings 9013 cycling:
Images were taken on my way to Konstanz (Ecke 32). Over the last few years I developed quite a dislike for stuff out of synthetic fibres. Some of my sportsstuff is still out of it, but I try to replace as much as I can and when it makes sense. The feeling of being static and the fact that nobody knows exactly what is in this fibres turns me more into cotton and wool (check the Woolpower stuff).

Im sick of cyclist hardly hitting the 20km mark and outfitted for a Tour de France race with stuff from Tschibo.  Anyway, the Red Wings 9013, Pike Brother Roamer pant, Tellason Topper denim shirt, and the smaller Swiss Army Backback proved well on a approx 70 km sunshine ride.