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Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger Velva Retan

Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger Velva Retan 392 Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger Velva Retan 391 Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger Velva Retan 387 Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger Velva Retan 388 Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger Velva Retan 389 Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger Velva Retan 390

Red Wing 8128 Brogue Ranger brown Velva Retan leather

Last week I had the chance to finally see the Red Wing 8128 in the Jeanslife store in Winterthur. Roger got this model on stock since 3 weeks, quite about the same time when Red Wing Amsterdam released the info on their blog. I never liked the dark brown of the former and discontinued model and wished to have a more cognac leather. Like my Red Wing 9013 would have been perfect. The actual color of the Red Wing 8128 is hard to describe, it´s a more a  “grey brown”. Definitely a bit darker as on the Red Wing Amsterdam images.

When you search for Velva Retan Leather you find out that this leather was also used for the industrial Red Wing Syle 952 which tells you that it´s going to be a tough one.

Another info I found what exactly Velva Retan leather is, was this:
Pioneer: A brand of oil retan leather. Also known as Velva Retan. After the initial tanning, the leather is subjected to hot steam in a tanning drum and then shot with hot oil and waxes. The open pores absorb these chemicals until they are saturated. This leather is primarily for work boots.”

(C) and source of this info here

So what do we have now? The classic appearance of a brogue boot, made out of a though workboot leather and paired with the lightweight and hardwearing Nitril Cork sole. Sounds promising to me.


Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day

Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day01 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day02 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day03 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day04 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day05 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day06 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day07 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day08 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day09 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day10 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day11 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day12Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day:
Due a really high avalanche risk on this day and the extreme steep part on the last part to the  next mountain hut, the Mannheimer Hütte we decided to have a lazy day. Which started to go to the toilet with the snoeshoes on. Later that day we made a short trip without the heavy backpacks in the forrest not far from the hut. Returning we digged an Iglu for all four of us to gathered some skills to prepare shelters in the snow. The artist of our group carved some great faces out of candlewax. So this was really the day to relax and enjoy the easy way of living up there. What you need to be happy? Warmth, Food and  good company

Snowshoe hiking – soon !

Snowshoe hiking – soon!
Snow is there and a long weekend, let´s see how it is up there. These images are from an unforgettable trip 2 years ago, just before christmas me and 3 friends decided to hike up to the Heilbronner Hütte.

It all looks so nice but the last 3 hours walking at about 1800m to 2500m in about -25 are missing. Just one word, 10m before the hut I took a break for some minutes to walk the rest.

The weather the other day was amazing, a great trip to remember be-cause all went well after all.

Some basic advice:
– check the weather forecast!
– be early (6pm it´s dark)
– stuff fluids close to the body if -25 or lower
– food has to be prepared and ready to eat even with gloves on (no brotzeit syle)
– above 2000m weather can always turn bad
– make sure everybody has got a good sleeping bag to survive outside at these temp.