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My worn 1ST PAT-RN Lanza Jacket

My worn 1ST PAT-RN Lanza Jacket

I guess my favorite workjacket is in use now since about 3-4 years. Recently I did not wear it too often at work, since I´m want to preserve it as long as possible in it´s condition. But the good news is I got a 2nd one as a backup. See the last image as a comparison between the fabric when it was new and now.

What shall I say about this jacket? It´s  typical german “Blaumann” style appearance is just a trick. This superb material, the fine details and it´s design makes it so unique – for those who take a closer look. Inspried  by a vintage workwear jacket and refined/designed by one of my favorite designers Cristiano Berto. Cristiano´s 1st PAT-RN collection is always a surprise and not just garnments, they are collector items. Items you find in selected stores around the globe.

Have a look at Eric´s website to see some more image about this jacket in the new condition.

Tellason – Topper Denim Shirt

Tellason Topper Denim Shirt Tellason Topper Denim Shirt2 Tellason Topper Denim Shirt1 Tellason Topper Denim Shirt3 Tellason Topper Denim Shirt4 Tellason Topper Denim Shirt8 Tellason Topper Denim Shirt5 Tellason Topper Denim Shirt6Tellason – Denim Topper Shirt, Details

I own this shirt now over a year. Definitely ranked as the No1.of my shirts in terms of usage, style, toughness and comfort. I thought I did already a post about this great denim shirt but I was wrong. So today when the  Manufactum Montatsbrief September 2013 was in the mail I was very happy to see that this piece of garment got its well deserved attention. I took some quick detail images of the shirt, have a look at the real nice buttons and the nice worn in development of the denim. Believe me its softness and comfort after a few washes is hard to match by another fabric.
Tellason Topper Denim Shirt Manufactum Monatsbrief September 2013
Manufactum has listed it as a piece for your autumn wardrobe but it is definitely with its soft and not to thick 6.5 oz White Oak Cone Denim a good pick for summer as well.


Skull belt and Tanner Goods Workmen Wallet

Skull belt from Cotton Trip Skull belt and Tanner Goods Workmen Wallet2 Skull belt and Tanner Goods Workmen Wallet3 Skull belt and Tanner Goods Workmen Wallet4 Skull belt and Tanner Goods Workmen Wallet on long tether detail Skull belt and Tanner Goods Workmen Wallet6

Skull belt and Tanner Goods Workmen Wallet

What a combo Alex! You see a lot of belt, but this one is really special. The countless skulls in various sizes and materials, the leather structure and the buckle itself. Combined with a Tanner Goods Workmen Wallet  on a Long Tether and a Tellason jeans. 

My old Zippo – Popeye feinschmucked

Old Popeye Zippo by feinschmuck - solid brass Old Popeye Zippo by feinschmuck1 Old Popeye Zippo by feinschmuck

My old Zippo – Popeye feinschmucked:
This is the prototype for the Popeye Zippo upgraded by Feinschmuck, and distributed via Amtraq. My old Zippo from April 1993 (D IX, here the dating codes) in solid brass and brushed surface. The distributed ones will look like this.