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My worn 1ST PAT-RN Lanza Jacket

My worn 1ST PAT-RN Lanza Jacket

I guess my favorite workjacket is in use now since about 3-4 years. Recently I did not wear it too often at work, since I´m want to preserve it as long as possible in it´s condition. But the good news is I got a 2nd one as a backup. See the last image as a comparison between the fabric when it was new and now.

What shall I say about this jacket? It´s  typical german “Blaumann” style appearance is just a trick. This superb material, the fine details and it´s design makes it so unique – for those who take a closer look. Inspried  by a vintage workwear jacket and refined/designed by one of my favorite designers Cristiano Berto. Cristiano´s 1st PAT-RN collection is always a surprise and not just garnments, they are collector items. Items you find in selected stores around the globe.

Have a look at Eric´s website to see some more image about this jacket in the new condition.