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Uli Milz – Jewelry

Uli Milz – Jewelry

A good friend of mine and a true craftsman by heart just filmed a movie with the same team from LEHN.STEIN – Pete Schilling & Philip Bruederle. They did a great job again. It shows amazingly the way he works with precious jewels and metals.


Britain’s remaining traditional tannery

J & FJ Baker & Co Ltd Tannery

A family-run tannery in Devon is believed to be Britain’s only remaining traditional oak bark tannery still in production.

J & FJ Baker & Co Ltd is based in Colyton, Devon, and has been owned by Andrew Par’s family for 150 years – although a tannery is said to have existed in the area since Roman times. Here Mr Par outlines the process used to transform hides to leather.

Apparently the website is down so I hope the Tannery still exist until today.