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Pfitzauf form and altered recipe

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Pfitzauf form and altered recipe

At one of my favorite drift shops, again I found something useful. An old clay form for a Swabian dessert called “Pfitzauf”. I guess I will give this traditional recipe a try sometime (never heard before). But my intentions were to put some sweet yeast dough, filled with plum jelly or other fruits and top it with a giant amount of brown butter, bread crumbs and caramelized sugar. The first try happened about 4 hours after I bought the form, be-cause I already had some dough for bread in the kitchen to rise, which i altered with milk, vanilla sugar and butter. They were ok for a first try but for sure I need even more butter (150g+)! Topped with lots of vanilla sauce could turn out to be an all time favorite.

butter roasted bread with nutella and banana!

butter roasted bread with nutella and banana - the ingrediencesbutter roasted bread with nutella and banana - butter in the pan and brown it!butter roasted bread with nutella and banana - get the banana readybutter roasted bread with nutella and banana - brown the bread and heat the bananabutter roasted bread with nutella and banana - nutella the bread slicesbutter roasted bread with nutella and banana - eat it !butter roasted bread with nutella and banana - ready to eat ! what a breakfast
In butter roasted bread slices with Nutella and banana:
This breakfeast / breakfast is in my mind since days.
What you need is two slices of bread, butter, a banana and Nutella.
Heat the pan, and put in a lot of butter (the bread will soak it up quite well) and let it brown a bit (for the aroma). Then roast the bread slices until they are brown on both sides.
Now it´s time to heat up the banana slices a bit (also for the aroma). Nutella on the bread and top it with the banana slices. Eat it before it gets cold, nice butter flavor, crisp bread and a strong banana taste. What a great breakfast.

Ah – do not even think about the calories – don´t blame butter/fat or carbohydrates if you happen to be too fat – blame yourself for being too lazy ;-)

Life is too short to count calories and eat with 2nd choice ingredients.