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Pfitzauf form and altered recipe

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Pfitzauf form and altered recipe

At one of my favorite drift shops, again I found something useful. An old clay form for a Swabian dessert called “Pfitzauf”. I guess I will give this traditional recipe a try sometime (never heard before). But my intentions were to put some sweet yeast dough, filled with plum jelly or other fruits and top it with a giant amount of brown butter, bread crumbs and caramelized sugar. The first try happened about 4 hours after I bought the form, be-cause I already had some dough for bread in the kitchen to rise, which i altered with milk, vanilla sugar and butter. They were ok for a first try but for sure I need even more butter (150g+)! Topped with lots of vanilla sauce could turn out to be an all time favorite.

Marmorkuchen and Milk

Marmorkuchen with milk Marmorkuchen with milk and fritz1 Marmorkuchen with milk Marmorkuchen with milk Marmorkuchen with milk

Marmorkuchen (marble cake) with milk:
Ok the first try wasn´t that pretty but yesterday I got it right. It´s really obvious for me that there is a coincidence that spring started with my two cakes I backed. The biggest mistakes on cake one was too less buttering of the form and not breadcrumbed. I enhanced the recipe a bit due to the size of the cake form:

250g butter
250g sugar
250g flour
4 eggs
3 spoons of real cacao powder for the other half of the dough
1 brief of vanilla sugar
a bit of salt
a bit of baking powder
a bit of rum 

50 minutes on 180 Celsius, thats it! Best served with fresh cooled milk from a farm.