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Boxwood pocket knife – Passion France “POISSON CULOT BU”

boxwood knife passion france POISSON CULOT BU 386

boxwood knife passion france POISSON CULOT BU 383

boxwood knife passion france POISSON CULOT BU 387

boxwood knife passion france POISSON CULOT BU 391

boxwood knife passion france POISSON CULOT BU 389

boxwood knife passion france POISSON CULOT BU 390

boxwood knife passion france POISSON CULOT BU 382

boxwood knife passion france POISSON CULOT BU 388

boxwood knife passion france POISSON CULOT BU 392

boxwood knife passion france POISSON CULOT BU 384

boxwood knife passion france POISSON CULOT BU 385

Boxwood pocket knife – Passion France

Recently I had the chance to have a closer look at the Passion France knife collection. A real nightmare to narrow down your first choice with so many options. Be prepared to buy at least one and leave with at least one (which you did not buy now) on your wish list.

So the one I choose was the “Poisson Culut Bu” which can be obtained here.

This Laguiole knife with a box wood handle (buchbaum) has the traditional salvia/sage shaped blade. I love the elegant, newer design of the Laguiole blades but I went for this knife for a more rugged looking one. The box wood looks a bit like ivory. After I bought it Wolfgang told me it´s a traditional sailors knife by its design. The steel plate at the end of the handle serves as a tobacco / pipe tamper, which is a nice feature. (however its a bit too big for my Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob pipe).

The leather sheat wasn´t an option for me at first look be-cause I think a knife should be able to withstand the abuse made by other contents in a trouser pocket. BUT if you see and touch this nicely leather sheats hand made in France – not buying it wasn´t an option anymore.

Thanks Sabine and Wolfgang for this, to say in in Eric´s words a life time gear.

Get your Wallet or Keys hooked by Feinschmuck

Wallet and key hooks bronze brass feinschmuck 242 Indian Head Bronze Belt Buckle by Feinschmuck Indian Head Bronze Belt Buckle by Feinschmuck Wallet and key hooks bronze brass feinschmuck ostrich Wallet and key hooks bronze brass feinschmuck ostrich Wallet and key hooks bronze brass feinschmuck cherry blossom and ray Wallet and key hooks bronze brass feinschmuck cherry blossom and ray Wallet and key hooks bronze brass feinschmuck cherry blossom and ray

Get your Wallet or Keys hooked by Feinschmuck

Here some preview images from some solid bronze items by Feinschmuck. Each single piece is unique by the traditional wax cast process. Skillful patinated and by so already unique in its look. Use the hooks to safely attach your wallet, keys or knife with a leash or chain to your jean. Right now they are available with cherry blossoms and surfaces from ray and ostrich.

Ha! I totally forgot to mention the Indian Head belt buckle which will also be available soon after the Bread & Butter fair January 2014 in Feinschmuck supplied shops.

Passion France – Maria´s Laguiole

Passion France Laguiole Messer  194 Passion France Laguiole Knife Passion France Laguiole Messer  196 Passion France Laguiole Messer  197 Passion France Laguiole Messer  198 Passion France Laguiole Messer  199 Passion France Laguiole Messer  200 Passion France Laguiole Messer  201

Passion France – Maria´s Laguiole

The timing for the parcel by Passion France could not have been better. Right on the spot for Maria´s Birthday the shipment of her Survival Knife (ask Wolfgang why only a knife with a corkscrew is regarded by Frenchmen as a real survival knife).

At the B-74 5th. Anniversary Party we were presented the new Feinschmuck Collection right next to Passion France. Hmm, guess what the whole Feinschmuck team is now officially equipped with the finest knifes by Passion France. Thanks a lot to Sabine and Wolfgang.

Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt

Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 945 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 961 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 946 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 948 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 949 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 950 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 951 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 958 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 952 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 953 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 954 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 955 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 957 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 959 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 960 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 962 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt knife holder Tellason Clampdown Denim pencil holder Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 965

Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt

Somehow it seems that taking a new Tellason piece with me on vacation turns into a habit. While the images of the Tellason Ankara on the coast of Liguria at the end of Summer 2012 were somehow cheerful and sunny, the weather and the hills in Piedmont now were mostly nebulous (thats what the famous Nebbiolo (Barolo) grapes got their name from).

The weather fitted the planned use for the Tellason Clampdown 10.5 oz Denim shirt too well. While I would rate the Tellason Topper 7,5 oz Denim shirt as the perfect warm/all weather shirt, the Clampdown fills the gap when the temperature drops. Hardwearing denim, double and even triple seams, solid buttons and front pockets. As an upgrade to the topper shirt the clampdown got additional to the pen holder in the breast pocket an additional a knife holder. If you already own a Tellason Jean you might not having trouble to carry your knife in one of the spacious pockets but If you own a really nice knife – now you got the chance to show it.

Herder Buckelsklingen Messer / Knifes

Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 663 Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 665 Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 662 Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 664 Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 666 Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 668 Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 667 Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 669Herder Buckelsklingen Messer / Knifes

By being a non to sensitive guy and breaking a Herder Windmühlen Frühstücksmesser (bending it too much – like trying to drill out a shark on a flyfishing rod) I came into contact with Matthias van Reimersdahl. He is the guy you might have met, producing these great knifes live at the Manufactum Stores. He offered to make me a new one and replacing my old one. Recently not just one, two arrived one crafted with a plum wooden handle and the other had a cherry one.  On his calligraphic note he mentioned  enjoy the sharpness of the Buckelsklinge and not to cut myself.

They are sharp as hell and you might not find a more harmless looking knife, distributed as a breakfast knife who will let most of you blades leave behind speaking of sharpness. To even push the limits I gave one of the blades a treatment on my straight razor strop, and as you see I was able to get rid of some hair on my leg.

I have probably given close to 20 knifes to friends and my family as a present and all of those knifes turned into their No.1 kitchen knife afterward. I would rank this knife as a must have without hesitation – get one! If you regret it, I really would like to hear you point of view.

Thanks Matthias for these special knifes!

Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knife

Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knifes 014 Herder Windmühlen Frühstücksmesser Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knifes 016 Robert Herder Carbon Solingen Germany Breakfast Knife Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knifes 018 Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knifes 019 Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knifes 020 Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knifes 021 Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knifes 022 Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knifes 023 Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knifes 024 Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knifes 025 Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knifes 026

Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knife / Frühstücksmesser

Today at breakfast my little sister Greta complained about that she did not get a Frühstücksmesser from me YET! So I went into my inventory, got her one and engraved it. (ok i can work on this skills). Above you see 3 different aged ones, Geta´s brand new one, the one I use since about a year, and my first one used for about 2 years before I broke it.

Honestly having breakfast or performing with small amounts of sausage, cheese, butter and jelly/marmelade without this knife results in panic or unsatisfactionary results. Why?

1. They are sharp, not razor sharp (which is sure possible to get them that way) but sharp enough to cut fine slices of hard salami which most 3 times bigger chefknifes might struggle.

2. The “Buckelsklinge” shape of the tip of the blade is just perfect to distribute butter and other semi liquid stuff on your slice of bread.

3. The blade got sharpened all the way to the cutting edge not just a quick e.g. 45 degree angle which goes blunt too quickly. (it is called the Solinger Dünnschliff)

4. They just look great after some time of usage, no need to say you have to go for the carbon version!

5. They take some care but they are worth it! From time to time add some olive oil to the cherry tree handle and if too rusty just go with some steelwool over the blade (not the cutting area).

6. Never press too hard to press down cold “Leberwurst” or you might break the blade – shame on me.

Enough said, you might not be able to understand the use or the fascination for this knife before you have tried it, but I guarantee you and your friends and family will go after it. Make sure to protect it well or supply them. (I guess I gave already +20 of them away)

Ah and one simple and last advice, take care as I written above it is a sharp knife not as the Breafast knifes you used to use!

You might wonder why I did not have listed Manufactum (where I fist saw and bought this knife – they are out of stock) or Robert Herder Solingen (new website under construction).

Obsidian Knifes made in Germany by Michael Hausberg

obsidian knifes made in germany1 obsidian knifes made in germany5 obsidian knifes made in germany2 obsidian knifes made in germany3 obsidian knifes made in germany4 obsidian knifes made in germany6 obsidian knifes made in germany7 obsidian knifes made in germany8Obsidian knifes made in Germany by Michael Hausberg:

Exceptional friends have exceptional friends too, so I was aware of meeting some very interesting people on a friends 65th birthday today. I had not even the chance to grab a beer, when I spotted this wonderful handcrafted Obsidian Knife which was one of the presents for the host.

I had the chance to grab the knife and take some images and had a short talk with the guy who crafted this knife. Obsidian is volcanic glass which was formed to a blade and sharpened razorsharp by Michael Hausberg. Since Michael is a avid stone collector, he used a special river stone for it´s handle. If you are interested in his knifes, have a closer look at some other works he did and drop me a mail which I will forward to him.

Canon G15 Macro shooting

Canon G15 Macro shooting01 Canon G15 Macro shooting03 Canon G15 Macro shooting04 Canon G15 Macro shooting05 Canon G15 Macro shooting06 Canon G15 Macro shooting07 Canon G15 Macro shooting02 Canon G15 Macro shooting08 Canon G15 Macro shooting09 Canon G15 Macro shooting10 Canon G15 Macro shooting11 Canon G15 Macro shooting12 Canon G15 Macro shooting13 Canon G15 Macro shooting14Another camera to torture – Canon G15 Macro shots:
With a camera count of having killed already 3 in about 6 month there was a deciscion to be made. Either going for cheaper cameras or going for better constucted ones and taking better care and an extra insurance is another trick I´m trying this time.

So this are the first results I did with shooting random stuff lying around in macro mode. I´m looking forward how much potential I can get out of the Canon G15 camera.

Pimped an old rusty kitchen knife

pimped an rusty old kitchen knife - before still rustypimped an rusty old kitchen knife - Friedrich Otto Stöcker Solingenpimped an rusty old kitchen knife - ofter the treatmentpimped an rusty old kitchen knife - after the treatmentpimped an rusty old kitchen knife after being restored, the handlepimped an rusty old kitchen knife after being restored, the handlepimped an rusty old kitchen knife - Friedrich Otto Stöcker Solingen

Pimped an old rusty kitchen knife:
Friday just after work I bought some essentials from my favorite farm shop. And they had a small fleamarket there, where I also bought this kitchen knife by “Friedrich Otto Stöcker Solingen”. Not a real beauty but rugged and easily to sharpen. It needed some some polishing, oil and a treatment on the wetstones.  Just fitting  wonderful to the other knifes.

Happy birthday mom – french forge de laguiole knife

happy birthday mom - birthday cakehappy birthday mom - forge de laguiole knife boxedhappy birthday mom - forge de laguiole knife, hallmarkhappy birthday mom - forge de laguiole knife, back and the fly or beehappy birthday mom - forge de laguiole knife - fly or bee detailhappy birthday mom - forge de laguiole knife closed

Happy birthday mom – French forge de laguiole knife:
Couldn´t post the images earlier be-cause I did not want to spoil her birthday present. Recently I was in France and I saw this beauty.  It´s hard to find a fitting present for her, but this time I think I hit it. She is into pocket knifes as well, and probably carry hers more often than I do. Im sure I inherited the fascination for knifes from her. At least she did not do anything against it – im glad for that.

But getting back to the forge de laguiole knife. I always wanted to have one and there is the saying that the best presents are the ones you struggle to let them go. It got a very elegant shape, perfect piece of craftsmanship and nice details. Love the bee or fly, the decoration cuts on the back of the blade and black, gold and silver matched so well together. I do not want to start to talk about the details of a original laguiole knife, there are others who are more versed to do so.

I wanted to check some details on the knife and she had to get it from her handbag. So it seems to be well accepted.