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Canon G15 Macro shooting

Canon G15 Macro shooting01 Canon G15 Macro shooting03 Canon G15 Macro shooting04 Canon G15 Macro shooting05 Canon G15 Macro shooting06 Canon G15 Macro shooting07 Canon G15 Macro shooting02 Canon G15 Macro shooting08 Canon G15 Macro shooting09 Canon G15 Macro shooting10 Canon G15 Macro shooting11 Canon G15 Macro shooting12 Canon G15 Macro shooting13 Canon G15 Macro shooting14Another camera to torture – Canon G15 Macro shots:
With a camera count of having killed already 3 in about 6 month there was a deciscion to be made. Either going for cheaper cameras or going for better constucted ones and taking better care and an extra insurance is another trick I´m trying this time.

So this are the first results I did with shooting random stuff lying around in macro mode. I´m looking forward how much potential I can get out of the Canon G15 camera.

Friday 13th. – glass eye

watch out friday 13th - glass eye watch out friday 13th - glass eye closeup Friday 13th., watch out – glass eye:
Friday 13th. is not over yet, take care and keep your eyes open.
I met an Englishman  at a diving safari in Burma and he was a crazy collector of rare things. He told me some weired storys and one of them was that he asked at the coroner at a hospital if he got glass eyes. He got not just one, he gave him a full box of them. Needless to say, I had to get at least one. They are true masterpieces of craftsmanship and quite expensive even 2nd hand.