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Whole Larder Love Cookbook – by Rohan Anderson

Whole Larder Love Cookbook - coverWhole Larder Love Cookbook - WholeWhole Larder Love Cookbook - LarderWhole Larder Love Cookbook - LoveWhole Larder Love Cookbook leather bootsWhole Larder Love Cookbook picklesWhole Larder Love Cookbook recipe Whole Larder Love Cookbook – by Rohan Anderson:
Today I received my copy of Rohan Anderson´s great cookbook. What started as a blog by a great photographer taking images of his garden, hunts, kitchen and his proactive life turned finally into a book. What made his blog so famous is that this guy is living a live many of us would love to. Living from his own land, learning and improving techniques never used or meanwhile forgotten by the “civilized” world. Taking the time to prepare a meal the ingredients could be proud of. Teaching/showing his kids a lifestyle they can be glad about. And giving it back to him sometime when they appreciate what they inherited by their father. Well done Rohan, thanks for sharing your life with us. Here again the link to his blog and here to his book.

(c) by Rohan Anderson, wholelarderlove

Ullr, Uller or Wuldor Talisman by Feinschmuck

Ullr, Uller, Wuldor Talisman by FeinschmuckUllr, Uller, Wuldor Talisman by Feinschmuck backsideUllr, Uller or Wuldor Talisman by Feinschmuck:

Last weekend I had my first regatta and was ment to be close to 20 hours on the lake. Maria from Feinschmuck gave me this silver Amulett/Talisman on that day.
The Ullr, Uller or also called Wuldor is an is an ancient nordic god from around the 3rd century. He is mostly shown with a bow and on skies. He is the god of glory, the winter, the hunt and the fight.
Check the english entry on Wikipedia for a very comprehensive explanation about him or the shorter in german.

Friday 13th. – glass eye

watch out friday 13th - glass eye watch out friday 13th - glass eye closeup Friday 13th., watch out – glass eye:
Friday 13th. is not over yet, take care and keep your eyes open.
I met an Englishman  at a diving safari in Burma and he was a crazy collector of rare things. He told me some weired storys and one of them was that he asked at the coroner at a hospital if he got glass eyes. He got not just one, he gave him a full box of them. Needless to say, I had to get at least one. They are true masterpieces of craftsmanship and quite expensive even 2nd hand.