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Glückspfennig Gürtel – lucky penny belt

Lucky penny glückspfennig belt Lucky penny glückspfennig belt Lucky penny glückspfennig belt Lucky penny glückspfennig belt

Glückspfennig Gürtel – lucky penny belt:

Ok i lied it´s an American Penny and not a Pfennig but I hope it works just as well as a talisman. I have to do some research in my drawers to find some old Pfennige but as a first draft the belt turned out pretty well. Sharper tools and a bit more space for the penny will give the belt a more professional look. The belt or the idea for the belt was born when I was asked to make a small belt (50cm) for the two year old daughter of friends. But a penny is too big for that little belt so I had to change plans. How do you like the – raw version? please comment.

Ullr, Uller or Wuldor Talisman by Feinschmuck

Ullr, Uller, Wuldor Talisman by FeinschmuckUllr, Uller, Wuldor Talisman by Feinschmuck backsideUllr, Uller or Wuldor Talisman by Feinschmuck:

Last weekend I had my first regatta and was ment to be close to 20 hours on the lake. Maria from Feinschmuck gave me this silver Amulett/Talisman on that day.
The Ullr, Uller or also called Wuldor is an is an ancient nordic god from around the 3rd century. He is mostly shown with a bow and on skies. He is the god of glory, the winter, the hunt and the fight.
Check the english entry on Wikipedia for a very comprehensive explanation about him or the shorter in german.