Glückspfennig Gürtel – lucky penny belt

Lucky penny glückspfennig belt Lucky penny glückspfennig belt Lucky penny glückspfennig belt Lucky penny glückspfennig belt

Glückspfennig Gürtel – lucky penny belt:

Ok i lied it´s an American Penny and not a Pfennig but I hope it works just as well as a talisman. I have to do some research in my drawers to find some old Pfennige but as a first draft the belt turned out pretty well. Sharper tools and a bit more space for the penny will give the belt a more professional look. The belt or the idea for the belt was born when I was asked to make a small belt (50cm) for the two year old daughter of friends. But a penny is too big for that little belt so I had to change plans. How do you like the – raw version? please comment.

3 thoughts on “Glückspfennig Gürtel – lucky penny belt

  1. Tim

    Mega gute Idee mit dem Penny. Du Fuchs!! Gefällt mir richtig gut. Vielleicht kannst Du noch ein Bild des Gürtels in Gänze zeigen. Herzliche Grüße.

  2. Alex Post author

    Hallo Tim, recht umspektakulär da ich die Gürtelenden immer erst dann mache wenn ich weiß für wen er ist – zwecks der Größe. lg Alex

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