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Hiking to the Sarotlahütte – Austria

Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  787 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  786 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  788 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  789 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  790 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  791 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  792 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  793 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  794 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  795 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  796 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  797 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  785 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  798 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  799 Hiking to the Sarotlahütte  800Hiking to the Sarotlahütte – Austria

Last weekend we went to the Sarotlahütte in Austria, a perfekt spot for stay for a night and to do further hikes in this area. Snow came early this year and the hut was closed, as most huts at high altitude do. We enjoyed the warm sun the stunning panorama and of corse our “Brotzeit” / picknick up there.

Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day

Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day01 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day02 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day03 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day04 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day05 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day06 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day07 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day08 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day09 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day10 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day11 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day12Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day:
Due a really high avalanche risk on this day and the extreme steep part on the last part to the  next mountain hut, the Mannheimer Hütte we decided to have a lazy day. Which started to go to the toilet with the snoeshoes on. Later that day we made a short trip without the heavy backpacks in the forrest not far from the hut. Returning we digged an Iglu for all four of us to gathered some skills to prepare shelters in the snow. The artist of our group carved some great faces out of candlewax. So this was really the day to relax and enjoy the easy way of living up there. What you need to be happy? Warmth, Food and  good company

Hiking – Schröcken, Biberacherhütte

Biberacher Hütte - Schröcken hiking river view autumn leavesBiberacher Hütte - Schröcken hiking distant mountainBiberacher Hütte - Schröcken hiking autumn grass and mountainBiberacher Hütte - Schröcken hiking panoramaBiberacher Hütte - Schröcken hiking panoramaBiberacher Hütte - Schröcken hiking panoramaBiberacher Hütte - Schröcken hiking jaw found Biberacher Hütte - Schröcken hiking panorama mountainsBiberacher Hütte - Schröcken hiking distant view mountains panoramaBiberacher Hütte - Schröcken hiking trekking view montains panorama

Hiking – Schröcken, Biberacherhütte:
After a feast with friends on some excellent roasted ducks at Gasthof Traube plus dessert it was a must to vaporize the calories the other day. One hour from home, after Schoppernauwe went straight to the Biberacher Hütte and continued the path in a superb mountain panorama to SchröckenUnfortunately no cake since off season has already started. The weather was outstanding, no autumn at all.

Can someone identify the jawbone i found? Teeth are sharp as it is from a carnivore but no fangs?

Mountain panorama this morning

Mountain panorama with snow Säntis - Bodensee - Lindau 1Mountain panorama with snow Säntis - Bodensee - Lindau 2Mountain panorama with snow Säntis - Bodensee - Lindau 3

Mountain panorama with snow Säntis - Bodensee - Lindau 4

Mountain panorama this morning:
What a great panorama view on my way cycling to work.  The water in front is the lake of constance (Bodensee), behind the newly snow covered alps and the big one is the Säntis. I better hurry up to make some more hiking trips this autumn or snow shoes are the other option.


Hiking and Paragliders

Andelsbuch Paragliding Austria Vorarlberg 21Andelsbuch Paragliding Austria Vorarlberg mushroom parasolAndelsbuch Paragliding Austria Vorarlberg woodAndelsbuch Paragliding Austria Vorarlberg riverAndelsbuch Paragliding Austria Vorarlberg panoram hoher ifenAndelsbuch Paragliding Austria Vorarlberg bergpanorama hoher ifenAndelsbuch Paragliding Austria Vorarlberg

Hiking around Andelsbuch and watching the Paragliders:
Yesterday we went for a short hike to the Bregenzerwald and went to the Niedere. The area on top of the mountain is a popular spot for Paragliders. We aways saw them flying when we entered this area or left it, but never that close. Amazing panorama from up there, a full 360 view. I have to go back there very early to watch a sunrise.

Beautiful Argentina

beautiful argentina - grave on routa 40beautiful argentina - glacier perito morenobeautiful argentina - church on routa 40 beautiful argentina - sandy rugby pitch argentina beautiful argentina - the blue sky with cloudsbeautiful argentina - panorama El Chaltén Beautiful Argentina – some random photos of our last trip:
2005 we traveled from Mexico to Brazil in 6 month. My favorite country on this trip was Argentina. With the food I fell in love at first sight – not just eggs and beans. (hmm I guess I have to share my favorite restaurant with you soon). Buenos Aires is amazing, and a big city you do not get tired of so quickly. The countryside itself was absolutely stunning, not just Patagonia, also the desert like north, close to Bolivia.

take it easy – relax

sometimes you need a break, just take it. Take it easy & relax. Sometimes too much info and stuff is queued up in our brains. Last weekend I found a spot where you have a nice view and are surrounded by high mountains. It is not too far and hard to reach and the best is that a nearby river and a waterfall is muting all other noises. A great place to calm down. The only noises I heard there was the distant clicking of some hiking sticks hitting the rocks and 2 shoots by hunters, that’s it. I have to go there soon again before the winter, because I have lost my pocket knife there somewhere. If there is a chance for a clear sky at night I will stay there until sunrise.