Beautiful Argentina

beautiful argentina - grave on routa 40beautiful argentina - glacier perito morenobeautiful argentina - church on routa 40 beautiful argentina - sandy rugby pitch argentina beautiful argentina - the blue sky with cloudsbeautiful argentina - panorama El Chaltén Beautiful Argentina – some random photos of our last trip:
2005 we traveled from Mexico to Brazil in 6 month. My favorite country on this trip was Argentina. With the food I fell in love at first sight – not just eggs and beans. (hmm I guess I have to share my favorite restaurant with you soon). Buenos Aires is amazing, and a big city you do not get tired of so quickly. The countryside itself was absolutely stunning, not just Patagonia, also the desert like north, close to Bolivia.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Argentina

  1. Cool Your Jets IV

    Shelley and I were there for three months and had a really wonderful time, such a wonderful country beautifully captured by your photos.

    So then, whats your favourite restaurant – I’ve about four!


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