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Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt

Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 945 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 961 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 946 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 948 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 949 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 950 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 951 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 958 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 952 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 953 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 954 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 955 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 957 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 959 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 960 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 962 Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt knife holder Tellason Clampdown Denim pencil holder Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt 965

Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt

Somehow it seems that taking a new Tellason piece with me on vacation turns into a habit. While the images of the Tellason Ankara on the coast of Liguria at the end of Summer 2012 were somehow cheerful and sunny, the weather and the hills in Piedmont now were mostly nebulous (thats what the famous Nebbiolo (Barolo) grapes got their name from).

The weather fitted the planned use for the Tellason Clampdown 10.5 oz Denim shirt too well. While I would rate the Tellason Topper 7,5 oz Denim shirt as the perfect warm/all weather shirt, the Clampdown fills the gap when the temperature drops. Hardwearing denim, double and even triple seams, solid buttons and front pockets. As an upgrade to the topper shirt the clampdown got additional to the pen holder in the breast pocket an additional a knife holder. If you already own a Tellason Jean you might not having trouble to carry your knife in one of the spacious pockets but If you own a really nice knife – now you got the chance to show it.

Piedmont Italy 2013 short break

Piemont Italy 2013 914 Piemont Italy 2013 900 Piemont Italy 2013 910 Piemont Italy 2013 909 Piemont Italy 2013 901 Piemont Italy 2013 902 Piemont Italy 2013 907 Piemont Italy 2013 903 Piemont Italy 2013 904 Piemont Italy 2013 905 Piemont Italy 2013 906 Piemont Italy 2013 908 Piemont Italy 2013 911 Piemont Italy 2013 912 Piemont Italy 2013 913 Piemont Italy 2013 915 Piemont Italy 2013 916 Piemont Italy 2013 917 Piemont Italy 2013 918 Piemont Italy 2013 919 Piemont Italy 2013 920 Piemont Italy 2013 921 Piemont Italy 2013 922 Piemont Italy 2013 923Piedmont Italy 2013 short break

We used the holiday last friday well and took a short break in Italy Piedmont. Here some random images which might describe the journey quite well. Italy and especially Piedmont is still the unmatched paradise (within Europe) when it comes to eating well (too well).

With a bit of common sense it´s easy to find the crowded places where people who like to eat well, gather together. Culture and a great landscapes / sceneries are within reach as well. We will be back for sure!

Ristorante Bologna Varese

Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy01 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy02 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy03 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy04 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy05 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy06 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy07 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy08 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy09 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy10 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy11 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy12 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy13 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy14 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy bistecca fiorentina t-bone steakRistorante Bologna Varese:
Travelling to Italy, food is always one reason why we love this country. Just after the border of Switzerland there comes Varese, and Ristorante Bologna is the place to see and to eat, if you want it rustic and authentic italian. We enjoyed to stay there for two nights and were lucky to get at least one table to celebrate Maria´s birthday and sadly the reservation for the other Birthday guests the next day did not work out so well – anyway, Italy was great, as always.

Beach Holiday – Varigotti Liguria

Beach Holiday – the italian way – Varigotti, Liguria:
Hmm beach holidays are not my cup of tea. If there is no good snorkeling or diving, no hammock, no family resort (thai style) close by for all day fresh food and fruits.  But somehow we had a agreement – I forgot. So after hiking for 4 days we went for 2 days on the beach. If I had to, we had to do it the italian way.

How to do this:
You pick a beach with no german beer advertisements.
Go for a town/beach with mainly apartments and hardly any hotels.
If you want it 110% do this in August.
Pay the price for two sun beds a cabin and one umbrella.

What you get:
Told that it´s too windy for the umbrella and shadow. Suddenly at 15:30 it is ok even with more wind but you are close to Type 1 sunburn.
Campari Soda or really ice cold coke served in a glas.
Or as Aperitivo as well with some snacks.

What you can expect to see:
a retired mafia don,
a kid who shit his pants,
a superyacht who calls in 9 jets to draw a heart in the sky
kids playing around and having a great time screaming and fighting and nobody hardly cares
some of the hottest moms on the planet (I did not dare to take images ;-)

I´m hungry – Stuff we liked to eat in Thailand

Stuff we liked to eat in Thailand, guess what I´m hungry:
Browsing through my photo library I found some images from Thailand. I guess the plans for the winter retreat – vacation 2012/2013 are done, a bit Thailand and Burma.

Traveling to a country where there is no good food makes no sense to me, if you are not forced to do so. Great cultures have mostly a good cuisine, while the others have not. No need to not enjoy one of the joys of life on vacation. Thailand is for sure on the top list after Italy. And I´m not talking about fancy restaurants, I talk about great food basically everywhere, around the corner, on the bus station …

Eat-aly – Piemont

Italy / Eat-aly, what a feast. Part of the family went to Turin and to the heart of the Piemonte to see friends. For four continious days a bombardment to the senses. To summarize it, whatever “poor and standard & moodys” says, they have no clue outside their numbers. Poor or rich can not be defined so easy. We experienced a country with its culture so rich it was totally mind-blowing.

Just a few images. Images of the evening dinners are missing due to bad light to use the camera or too much good food and good atmosphere to be interrupted.

I got finally in touch with the best truffles, the white ones. And begin to understand the hype about it. Accompanied with top wines like a Barolo or just a simple Barbera with fresh pasta and butter or grated on top of fried egg the “profumo” of the truffle is untouched.

But also the simple dishes in down to earth restaurants where you have to speak no word, just sit down an enjoy.  Plates of just perfected dishes come out of the kitchen one after another. No worries about what to choose from a menu. Leave the decisions to the people who know what is the best – the owners. And needless to say we have not once been unhappy about their judgement.