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Have a nice weekend – Red wine time

Barbera d´Alba Fontanafredda 2011


Red wine time – Barbera d´Alba Fontanafredda:
The weather here is definitely shifting us towards red wine. Homemade pizza with friends will be accompanied by some bottles of Barbera d´Alba Fontanafredda.

Enjoy the weekend!

Valle Maira a jewel !

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Valle Maira – Maira Valley hiking:
We just came back from hiking in the Maira Valley / Valle Maira  a forgotten jewel and rediscovered luckily. It´s often revered as the a black spot in Europe be-cause of only 2 inhabitants per km2 but it is recovering from that status. Before and after the WWII the area was more and more abandoned and houses and land were left behind. The Schneiders a german couple found this jewel around 1980 and with the help of some extraordinary personalities from the valley they founded the Percorsio Occitani a connection of treks and posto tappas (shelter and some of best food + wine on this planet).

We met great people there, had a glimpse into a forgotten culture had great food and wine and will for sure continue this amazing experience within the next years. The combination of extraordinary trekking, culture and good food (wine) is just too unique!

Eat-aly – Piemont

Italy / Eat-aly, what a feast. Part of the family went to Turin and to the heart of the Piemonte to see friends. For four continious days a bombardment to the senses. To summarize it, whatever “poor and standard & moodys” says, they have no clue outside their numbers. Poor or rich can not be defined so easy. We experienced a country with its culture so rich it was totally mind-blowing.

Just a few images. Images of the evening dinners are missing due to bad light to use the camera or too much good food and good atmosphere to be interrupted.

I got finally in touch with the best truffles, the white ones. And begin to understand the hype about it. Accompanied with top wines like a Barolo or just a simple Barbera with fresh pasta and butter or grated on top of fried egg the “profumo” of the truffle is untouched.

But also the simple dishes in down to earth restaurants where you have to speak no word, just sit down an enjoy.  Plates of just perfected dishes come out of the kitchen one after another. No worries about what to choose from a menu. Leave the decisions to the people who know what is the best – the owners. And needless to say we have not once been unhappy about their judgement.