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Alan´s Pasta Workshop – Bregenz

Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz13 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz01 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz09 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz07 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz02 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz06 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz03 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz08 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz04 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz05 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz10 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz11 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz12Alan´s Pasta Workshop – Bregenz:
Recently we were on a saturday and around lunchtime in Bregenz – Austria. Sure lunch could not be delayed. Luckily we walked by Alan´s Nudelwerkstatt. There we had some superb fresh made ravioli with sage and dried tomatoes.

Alan Cohen from New York manufactures in Bregenz with two Italian pasta machines, filled and plain pasta. A quite and unique place with lots of character as the owner itself. Up to 8 persons can be hosted on 4 tables. His pasta is accompanied by a fine selection of Italian wines, olive oil, Cantuccini, Panettone and his home made Pesto.

How you can find him?

Adress: Deuringstraße 2, 6900 Bregenz
Phone number:+4355-745 2929

Open monday – friday 9:30am – 1pm and 3:30pm – 6 pm
Closed on saturday and sunday

Ristorante Bologna Varese

Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy01 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy02 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy03 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy04 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy05 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy06 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy07 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy08 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy09 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy10 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy11 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy12 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy13 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy14 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy bistecca fiorentina t-bone steakRistorante Bologna Varese:
Travelling to Italy, food is always one reason why we love this country. Just after the border of Switzerland there comes Varese, and Ristorante Bologna is the place to see and to eat, if you want it rustic and authentic italian. We enjoyed to stay there for two nights and were lucky to get at least one table to celebrate Maria´s birthday and sadly the reservation for the other Birthday guests the next day did not work out so well – anyway, Italy was great, as always.

Have a nice weekend – Red wine time

Barbera d´Alba Fontanafredda 2011


Red wine time – Barbera d´Alba Fontanafredda:
The weather here is definitely shifting us towards red wine. Homemade pizza with friends will be accompanied by some bottles of Barbera d´Alba Fontanafredda.

Enjoy the weekend!


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Mushrooms in the forrest:
It was ment to be just a lazy walk in a nearby forrest but I never saw this much mushrooms. With only a knowledge of about 3-4 mushrooms it´s hard to start to collect. And answers like, “hm it could be a …” or “ah this looks probably like a …” isn´t too appealing to pick and cook them for a family dinner. So we were generous and leaving them for the others.