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mushrooms in the forrestold territory stone in the forrestmushrooms - kitty and marymushrooms in the forrestmushrooms in the forrestmushrooms in the forrestmushroomsheadmushrooms in the forrest mushrooms in the forrest mushrooms in the forrest mushrooms in the forrest mushrooms in the forrest fliegenpilzmushrooms in the forrestmushrooms on a birchmushroom closeup - macromushroom closeup - macromushrooms in the forrestmushroom in the forrest

Mushrooms in the forrest:
It was ment to be just a lazy walk in a nearby forrest but I never saw this much mushrooms. With only a knowledge of about 3-4 mushrooms it´s hard to start to collect. And answers like, “hm it could be a …” or “ah this looks probably like a …” isn´t too appealing to pick and cook them for a family dinner. So we were generous and leaving them for the others.

Hiking – Sibratsgfäll – “Austrian summer”

Sibratzsgfäll Schönenbach kapelleSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach frozen leafSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach autumn leafes1Sibratzsgfäll Schönenbach autumn leafes2Sibratzsgfäll Schönenbach autumn leafes3Sibratzsgfäll Schönenbach moss on dead treeSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach subersach riverbedSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach moss in the forestSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach river subersach looks like canadaSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach swamp or hochmoorSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach fliegenpilz mushroomSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach schilfLast weekend we went for a autumn hike to the Bregenzerwald – Austria and walked from Sibratzgfäll to Schönenbach. It’s the perfect walk in autumn and for snowshoe because you walk in a not to hilly valley by the river with a nice flora beside. It was like an “Indian Summer” in Canada, just in Austria. Thanks to Maria and “Kitty the dog” to drag me out of the bed for this walk. The night before there was quite a party going on with a traditionally dish for autumn “Zwiebelkuchen & Most” (German cider and a cake with lots of onions, bacon an cumin).