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Flower market Bangkok – Thailand

Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 078 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 079 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 080 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 081 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 082 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 083 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 084 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 085 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 086 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 087 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 088 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 089 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 090 Flowermarket Bangkok Thailand 091

Flower market Bangkok – Thailand

We went for about 20 days on a trip to “our” beloved Thailand. I not even take more than 500 images but still the flower market images in Bangkok are a bit too much to squeeze them in with the others.

So ok it was Marias idea to visit the flower market – Pak Khlong Talat at around 35 Celsius to see “Flowers”. But honestly I have to say I enjoyed it. The vast amount of flowers and the creativity how they were arranged was great. It definitely worth to see if you are on the Chao Phraya river anyway and have seen a lot of Temples already.

River camp and fish

river camp and fish 055 river camp and fish 054 river camp and fish 053 river camp and fish 052 river camp and fish 051 river camp and fish 050 river camp and fish 049 river camp and fish 044 river camp and fish 047 river camp and fish 048 river camp and fish 046 river camp and fish 045Camp by the River and a fish barbecue after some booze

From time to time you should meet with friends or a friend to spent a night under the sky, with some booze, a campfire and good stuff for the barbecue. Good friends bring good stuff and the best the best stuff. Starting with some excellent pear spirit called No1 we continued with a giant trout and a saibling. I was curious that it would get a real mess to eat the fish but it wasn´t and the taste of those two great fish were worth it. Enough to feed 4 guys, but we nearly made it and the rest were shared with our two 4 legged companions. The water level on the river rose so it wasn´t as crystal clear as some weeks before.

The de buyer egg pan proofed 100% to be a must have for outdoor camping but the feuerhand lantern is too leaky when not carried upright all the time. (Probably transporting it empty and just refilling it with the absolute must is the key). You will end up having petroleum perfume surrounding you.

Camping by the River

camping trip on the river 14 camping trip on the river 13 camping trip on the river 08 camping trip on the river 10 camping trip on the river 11 camping trip on the river 12 camping trip on the river 09 camping trip on the river 07 camping trip on the river 06 camping trip on the river 04 camping trip on the river 01 camping trip on the river 02 camping trip on the river 03 camping trip on the river 05Camping by the River

We (one of my Sisters & Tillmann) did a camping trip to the river yesterday afternoon. Just about an hour walk and you got solitude hardly to match. Except some fishermen going fly fishing and others who had the same idea to spent some time outdoors. Great to see families taking their kids on a small adventure.

Hiking – Sibratsgfäll – “Austrian summer”

Sibratzsgfäll Schönenbach kapelleSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach frozen leafSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach autumn leafes1Sibratzsgfäll Schönenbach autumn leafes2Sibratzsgfäll Schönenbach autumn leafes3Sibratzsgfäll Schönenbach moss on dead treeSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach subersach riverbedSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach moss in the forestSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach river subersach looks like canadaSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach swamp or hochmoorSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach fliegenpilz mushroomSibratzsgfäll Schönenbach schilfLast weekend we went for a autumn hike to the Bregenzerwald – Austria and walked from Sibratzgfäll to Schönenbach. It’s the perfect walk in autumn and for snowshoe because you walk in a not to hilly valley by the river with a nice flora beside. It was like an “Indian Summer” in Canada, just in Austria. Thanks to Maria and “Kitty the dog” to drag me out of the bed for this walk. The night before there was quite a party going on with a traditionally dish for autumn “Zwiebelkuchen & Most” (German cider and a cake with lots of onions, bacon an cumin).


Fly fishing – obere Argen

Yesterday afternoon a friend of mine invited me to go fly fishing at the “obere Argen”. This was my 4th time and slowly I’m able to throw the line/fly where I want it to be and it does not look like I’m training lions at the circus. It’s a lot of things to memorize at the beginning but it will go by heart soon (I hope). But this makes fly fishing challenging, there is always new stuff to learn, like “reading” the river. To know where are the likely spots where the fish are, imitating the natural move of a fly … (tying knots, for flies who got caught in a tree)

The rainbow trout will be barbecued today, just with a bit of salt, pepper and butter.
That’s it, just kept simple for the full flavor of a fresh catch.