River camp and fish

river camp and fish 055 river camp and fish 054 river camp and fish 053 river camp and fish 052 river camp and fish 051 river camp and fish 050 river camp and fish 049 river camp and fish 044 river camp and fish 047 river camp and fish 048 river camp and fish 046 river camp and fish 045Camp by the River and a fish barbecue after some booze

From time to time you should meet with friends or a friend to spent a night under the sky, with some booze, a campfire and good stuff for the barbecue. Good friends bring good stuff and the best the best stuff. Starting with some excellent pear spirit called No1 we continued with a giant trout and a saibling. I was curious that it would get a real mess to eat the fish but it wasn´t and the taste of those two great fish were worth it. Enough to feed 4 guys, but we nearly made it and the rest were shared with our two 4 legged companions. The water level on the river rose so it wasn´t as crystal clear as some weeks before.

The de buyer egg pan proofed 100% to be a must have for outdoor camping but the feuerhand lantern is too leaky when not carried upright all the time. (Probably transporting it empty and just refilling it with the absolute must is the key). You will end up having petroleum perfume surrounding you.

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