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Wunderkammer Zürich – Taxidermy

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Wunderkammer Zürich – Taxidermy

Last weekend i had the chance to visit the Wunderkammer in Zürich – what a magic place with so many precious pieces from the past. I had a nice chat with Christian who is a avid collector of rare and special objects from all over the globe. His favorite subject is to find exceptional taxidermies for his collection or for his clients. Definitely highly recommended when you are in Zürich.

Church of Fear – Christoph Schlingensief

Church of Fear - Christoph Schlingensief 384 Church of Fear - Christoph Schlingensief 384 Church of Fear - Christoph Schlingensief 384


Christoph Schlingensief´s Church of Fear:

I arrived yesterday in Berlin, before heading to the Tempelhof I decided to use the time for the Christoph Schlingensief Exhibition at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin. The exhibition will be ended by 19th of January and will then be shown at the MoMA NYC, so now is the time to have a look at his works. The Church of Fear is located outside so I had the chance to already have a look before entering the exhibition. Already I can say, he died too young …

Mendoza Colt Western Comic

mendoza colt western comic1 mendoza colt western comic2 mendoza colt western comic3 mendoza colt western comic4 mendoza colt western comic6 mendoza colt western comic7 mendoza colt western comic5Mendoza Colt Spanish Western Comic

Got this great spanish comics from 1958 yesterday. A perfect photo background for the Feinschmuck Western Belt or Longhorn Belt. What I already learned is “Manos Arriba!” which means “hands up”.

If you want to improve your cowboy spanish, I just found out that Mendoza Colt is available to read online here.

Obsidian Knifes made in Germany by Michael Hausberg

obsidian knifes made in germany1 obsidian knifes made in germany5 obsidian knifes made in germany2 obsidian knifes made in germany3 obsidian knifes made in germany4 obsidian knifes made in germany6 obsidian knifes made in germany7 obsidian knifes made in germany8Obsidian knifes made in Germany by Michael Hausberg:

Exceptional friends have exceptional friends too, so I was aware of meeting some very interesting people on a friends 65th birthday today. I had not even the chance to grab a beer, when I spotted this wonderful handcrafted Obsidian Knife which was one of the presents for the host.

I had the chance to grab the knife and take some images and had a short talk with the guy who crafted this knife. Obsidian is volcanic glass which was formed to a blade and sharpened razorsharp by Michael Hausberg. Since Michael is a avid stone collector, he used a special river stone for it´s handle. If you are interested in his knifes, have a closer look at some other works he did and drop me a mail which I will forward to him.

Ancient Viking or Roman dice

ancient roman or viking bronze dices ancient roman or viking bronze dices ancient roman or viking bronze dices ancient roman or viking bronze dices ancient roman or viking bronze dices ancient roman or viking bronze dicesAncient Viking or Roman dice:
Asked for some ancient time inspiration for Feinschmuck a friend of mine gave me these dice. They are replicas and I could hardly find any fitting proof for it if the Vikings or Romans used dice like this but anyway they are quite unique. You won´t be able to use them in Las Vegas but they work. Let´s see what Manfred from Feinschmuck makes out of it.

Check this reference for a similar piece of a dice and the history of dice.