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Wood & Faulk

Matt Wood And Faulk

Wood & Faulk – Website of the Day

Just recently I got the hint to have a look at the Wood & Faulk website. Not only does Matt crafts great objects, he also shares the process with his clients/visitors. Superb made images fitting well to the scenery and the great products. A fine example how to set up a business nowadays.

(c) image Wood&Faulk

After the Denim Workshop / Webshop

logo simon tuntelder after the denimafter the denim workshop tools

after the denim process

after the denim belt loop key chain after the denim billfold wallet after the denim full roller belt after the denim laptop portfolio after the denim rifle sling belt after the denim market toteAfter the Denim Workshop – Webshop by Simon Tuntelder:
Recently a “friend” of mine Simon Tuntelder, opened a webshop with some products he crafted out of leather but also deadstock items he gathered. I wrote “friend” and not friend, be-cause I failed to meet Simon personally yet. We are in close contact since more than a year. First via following the others blog and then having discussions about vintage stuff and craftsmanship and quality products. I call him a “friend” knowing by heart that he is one of the good guys with the right attitude and for sure a good guy to talk to.

I´m far to be in the league with Simon when it comes to working with leather. He got a great knowledge when it comes to treat/restore leather and also to craft items for himself, friends or now for you. Do me a favor and check his new website and shop to have a look at his products he crafted. Not to forget to also point you to his blog where he shares his findings and knowledge.

Dalton M. Ghetti Pencil carving art

dalton ghetti pen min chain carving art dalton ghetti elvis-carved-onto-tip-of-pencil dalton ghetti red wing pen carving art dalton ghetti art alphabet-carved-into-pencils dalton ghetti hearts pencil-art-carving dalton ghetti key art dalton ghetti pen art saw dalton ghetti pencil-art heart


Dalton M. Ghetti – pencil mine carving art:
Amazing artwork by carving stuff out from the mine of a pen. Luckily I found the name of  this artist to figure out more about his artwork. Dalton M. Ghetti my fullest admiration about your patience and skills!

Read his bio here:
Dalton began learning how to handle tools at the young age of 6 when at school in Brazil, he and the other students used either a razor blade or a pocket knife to sharpen their pencils for drawing and writing. 

Also, his mother was a seamstress. When Dalton was 8 years old, she taught him how to use a sewing needle to help her with simple projects like hemming and sewing buttons. At the age of 9, his parents gave him a set of metal tools for children, which he used to make his own boxes, toys and go-carts. This is also the age when he began sculpting with knives, chisels and a hammer. Ever since, he has created many objects out of all kinds of materials. 

At first, he carved large objects; but in 1986, as a challenge to himself and because of his interest in small living things, like plants (moss) and insects (spiders and ants), he decided to create the smallest possible carvings that he could see with his naked eyes. One day, he picked up a working pencil and started carving it. 

His idea is to bring people’s attention to small things. Small is beautiful. Most of the pencils he uses are found on the streets and sidewalks. Dalton’s work is a recycling process. He turns discarded objects into art. 

To create his sculpture, he holds the pencil in his hand under a strong light source (table lamp or sunlight) and carves it mostly with a sewing needle and a very sharp, triangular, small, metal blade. He works at very small intervals: 1 to 2 hours maximum per day whenever he gets inspired. He works very slowly by removing specks of graphite at a time. It therefore takes months or sometimes years to complete a sculpture. 

For Dalton, sculpting pencils is a hobby and a form of meditation, which requires a lot of patience. His pencil carvings are not for sale. He doesn’t do it for money. He sculpts pencils mostly for himself and his art comes from his heart. He wants to keep it that way.

Copyright by of the Text and the Photos by Dalton M. Ghetti

Friday 13th. – glass eye

watch out friday 13th - glass eye watch out friday 13th - glass eye closeup Friday 13th., watch out – glass eye:
Friday 13th. is not over yet, take care and keep your eyes open.
I met an Englishman  at a diving safari in Burma and he was a crazy collector of rare things. He told me some weired storys and one of them was that he asked at the coroner at a hospital if he got glass eyes. He got not just one, he gave him a full box of them. Needless to say, I had to get at least one. They are true masterpieces of craftsmanship and quite expensive even 2nd hand.