Obsidian Knifes made in Germany by Michael Hausberg

obsidian knifes made in germany1 obsidian knifes made in germany5 obsidian knifes made in germany2 obsidian knifes made in germany3 obsidian knifes made in germany4 obsidian knifes made in germany6 obsidian knifes made in germany7 obsidian knifes made in germany8Obsidian knifes made in Germany by Michael Hausberg:

Exceptional friends have exceptional friends too, so I was aware of meeting some very interesting people on a friends 65th birthday today. I had not even the chance to grab a beer, when I spotted this wonderful handcrafted Obsidian Knife which was one of the presents for the host.

I had the chance to grab the knife and take some images and had a short talk with the guy who crafted this knife. Obsidian is volcanic glass which was formed to a blade and sharpened razorsharp by Michael Hausberg. Since Michael is a avid stone collector, he used a special river stone for it´s handle. If you are interested in his knifes, have a closer look at some other works he did and drop me a mail which I will forward to him.

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