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Church of Fear – Christoph Schlingensief

Church of Fear - Christoph Schlingensief 384 Church of Fear - Christoph Schlingensief 384 Church of Fear - Christoph Schlingensief 384


Christoph Schlingensief´s Church of Fear:

I arrived yesterday in Berlin, before heading to the Tempelhof I decided to use the time for the Christoph Schlingensief Exhibition at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin. The exhibition will be ended by 19th of January and will then be shown at the MoMA NYC, so now is the time to have a look at his works. The Church of Fear is located outside so I had the chance to already have a look before entering the exhibition. Already I can say, he died too young …

Alan´s Pasta Workshop – Bregenz

Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz13 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz01 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz09 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz07 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz02 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz06 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz03 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz08 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz04 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz05 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz10 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz11 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz12Alan´s Pasta Workshop – Bregenz:
Recently we were on a saturday and around lunchtime in Bregenz – Austria. Sure lunch could not be delayed. Luckily we walked by Alan´s Nudelwerkstatt. There we had some superb fresh made ravioli with sage and dried tomatoes.

Alan Cohen from New York manufactures in Bregenz with two Italian pasta machines, filled and plain pasta. A quite and unique place with lots of character as the owner itself. Up to 8 persons can be hosted on 4 tables. His pasta is accompanied by a fine selection of Italian wines, olive oil, Cantuccini, Panettone and his home made Pesto.

How you can find him?

Adress: Deuringstraße 2, 6900 Bregenz
Phone number:+4355-745 2929

Open monday – friday 9:30am – 1pm and 3:30pm – 6 pm
Closed on saturday and sunday