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A Place at the Table – “Food Inc. 2.0”

a place at the table movie

A Place at the Table – “Food Inc. 2.0”:
From the makers of Food Inc. another documentary worth to see and to spread. Just two days ago we had a talk about, that kids right now will not grow as big and healthy as we did. The availability for good and affordable food is low. And also the art to process them for your family and friends. It is shown all the time on TV but mostly forgotten and seldom put into practice in a daily routine.
More on A Place on the Table here.

Alan´s Pasta Workshop – Bregenz

Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz13 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz01 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz09 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz07 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz02 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz06 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz03 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz08 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz04 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz05 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz10 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz11 Alan´s Pasta Workshop Bregenz12Alan´s Pasta Workshop – Bregenz:
Recently we were on a saturday and around lunchtime in Bregenz – Austria. Sure lunch could not be delayed. Luckily we walked by Alan´s Nudelwerkstatt. There we had some superb fresh made ravioli with sage and dried tomatoes.

Alan Cohen from New York manufactures in Bregenz with two Italian pasta machines, filled and plain pasta. A quite and unique place with lots of character as the owner itself. Up to 8 persons can be hosted on 4 tables. His pasta is accompanied by a fine selection of Italian wines, olive oil, Cantuccini, Panettone and his home made Pesto.

How you can find him?

Adress: Deuringstraße 2, 6900 Bregenz
Phone number:+4355-745 2929

Open monday – friday 9:30am – 1pm and 3:30pm – 6 pm
Closed on saturday and sunday

Milano – Salone 2012 a great weekend

salone 2012 milano duomo installationsalone 2012 milano university salone 2012 milano - cafe, crodino and tramezzinisalone 2012 milano - lambrate salone 2012 milano - lambrate salone 2012 milano lambrate architecturesalone 2012 milano distelnsalone 2012 milano ripped folderssalone 2012 milano sander mulder containersalone 2012 milano - asparagus salone 2012 milano - camparisalone 2012 milano austin martin carsalone 2012 milano vongolesalone 2012 milano sea chair projectsalone 2012 milano sea chair lambratesalone 2012 milano - bar for sailors onlysalone 2012 milano - traffic sign salone 2012 milano campari sodaMilano – Salone 2012 what a great weekend:
Combining traveling with friends, meeting friends in Milano and having the Salone furniture fair with all its exhibitions and events around is a sure bet for a great weekend. Weather was fine as well, snow on the San Bernardino but as more we approached Milano it got warmer and warmer.  We were welcomed with some great wines and homemade pasta & vongole and the evening went quite into the morning. Next day we headed to the Lambrate area where you mostly see young designers and students showing their work to the world. A great vibe with amazing architecture and a great mix of exhibited objects. The Sea Chair Project and the works of Sander Mulder were the most memorable to me. Later that day we went to the Brera district for some shopping and due to the fact that you just have to look out for the read flags you can find art as much as you have capacity there as well. Milano is very special and you can find too much interesting stuff everywhere so I just posted some random images of the whole trip. Just one great last advice – save some money for the shopping in one of the Italian supermarkets before heading home – hmm awesome stuff as well. Hard to believe that just 3,5 hours southwards the food, fruits and vegetables are such at a different level …

I´m hungry – Stuff we liked to eat in Thailand

Stuff we liked to eat in Thailand, guess what I´m hungry:
Browsing through my photo library I found some images from Thailand. I guess the plans for the winter retreat – vacation 2012/2013 are done, a bit Thailand and Burma.

Traveling to a country where there is no good food makes no sense to me, if you are not forced to do so. Great cultures have mostly a good cuisine, while the others have not. No need to not enjoy one of the joys of life on vacation. Thailand is for sure on the top list after Italy. And I´m not talking about fancy restaurants, I talk about great food basically everywhere, around the corner, on the bus station …