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Flower market Bangkok – Thailand

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Flower market Bangkok – Thailand

We went for about 20 days on a trip to “our” beloved Thailand. I not even take more than 500 images but still the flower market images in Bangkok are a bit too much to squeeze them in with the others.

So ok it was Marias idea to visit the flower market – Pak Khlong Talat at around 35 Celsius to see “Flowers”. But honestly I have to say I enjoyed it. The vast amount of flowers and the creativity how they were arranged was great. It definitely worth to see if you are on the Chao Phraya river anyway and have seen a lot of Temples already.

Sailing Trip – Amalfi Coast – Italy

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Sailing Trip – Amalfi Coast – Italy:
I hope you are not to desperate for a break and are close to go on holiday soon. Anyway I want to share with you some images I took on a sailing trip with some friends on the Amalfi coast. What can I say about it? Great to be on a boat, pick the nicest destinations, hop of the boat, enjoy some luxury, eg. fine food and hop back on the boat for solitude. Good discussions, jokes, drinks, weather, food, wind  – we had it all!

Beach Holiday – Varigotti Liguria

Beach Holiday – the italian way – Varigotti, Liguria:
Hmm beach holidays are not my cup of tea. If there is no good snorkeling or diving, no hammock, no family resort (thai style) close by for all day fresh food and fruits.  But somehow we had a agreement – I forgot. So after hiking for 4 days we went for 2 days on the beach. If I had to, we had to do it the italian way.

How to do this:
You pick a beach with no german beer advertisements.
Go for a town/beach with mainly apartments and hardly any hotels.
If you want it 110% do this in August.
Pay the price for two sun beds a cabin and one umbrella.

What you get:
Told that it´s too windy for the umbrella and shadow. Suddenly at 15:30 it is ok even with more wind but you are close to Type 1 sunburn.
Campari Soda or really ice cold coke served in a glas.
Or as Aperitivo as well with some snacks.

What you can expect to see:
a retired mafia don,
a kid who shit his pants,
a superyacht who calls in 9 jets to draw a heart in the sky
kids playing around and having a great time screaming and fighting and nobody hardly cares
some of the hottest moms on the planet (I did not dare to take images ;-)

Tellason Ankara Jeans

Tellason Ankara Jeans Tellason Ankara Jeans double pocketsTellason Ankara Jeans hand printed instructions on the pocketsTellason Ankara Jeans hand printed instructions on the pocketsTellason Ankara Jeans hand printed instructions on the pocketsTellason Ankara Jeans - tanner goods leather patchTellason Ankara Jeans double reinforced pocketTellason Ankara Jeans frontTellason Ankara Jeans button holeTellason Ankara Jeans made in USA inside labelsTellason Ankara Jeans - tanner goods labelTellason Ankara Jeans - white oak cone mills labelTellason Ankara Jeans selvage denimTellason Ankara Jeans:

Made in San Francisco from White Oak Cone denim and leather label from Tanner Goods. Huge pockets, even I can get my mobile, wallet and my hands together in one front pocket (and my hands are big!).  I really like the hand printed instructions on the pockets and the straight leg cut. I need the feeling to wear trousers – no leggins. Tellason is widely available in the States, in Europe check Amtraq distributed shops.

I´m hungry – Stuff we liked to eat in Thailand

Stuff we liked to eat in Thailand, guess what I´m hungry:
Browsing through my photo library I found some images from Thailand. I guess the plans for the winter retreat – vacation 2012/2013 are done, a bit Thailand and Burma.

Traveling to a country where there is no good food makes no sense to me, if you are not forced to do so. Great cultures have mostly a good cuisine, while the others have not. No need to not enjoy one of the joys of life on vacation. Thailand is for sure on the top list after Italy. And I´m not talking about fancy restaurants, I talk about great food basically everywhere, around the corner, on the bus station …