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Topodesigns Klettersack Navy/Leather

Topodesigns klettersack leather Topodesigns klettersack leather Topodesigns klettersack leather Topodesigns klettersack leather Topodesigns klettersack leather topodesign klettersack 04 Topodesigns klettersack leather Topodesigns klettersack leather Topodesigns klettersack leather Topodesigns klettersack leatherTopodesigns Klettersack Navy/Leather

A special version of Topodesigns Klettersack with leather bottom and the lower sides. Very handy for placing the backpack on wet or rough ground. It keeps the rucksack dry and protects the Cordura (Not that 1000 Cordura needs too much protection, it´s already a tough material). The name Klettersack is earned by its functionality and solid construction. The weak spot of a Backpack is always the Zippers. As you can see Topo uses big and tough YKK ones. The lifetime of a Zipper defines the lifetime of your bag. They are hard to replace and if possible, it gets expensive. Avoid a backpack by all means with to small ones or those fancy watertight ones (they are crap).

The size of the backpack with 22 litres is just perfect for your daily use, a day in the mountains or other outdoor activities. With the straps and the additional ones available you will be able to increase the capacity to your needs. I got a serious faible for backpacks and I guess sooner or later my collection will be expanded by a Topo one. (and one with a broken/faulty zipper will get retired).

Navy Anchor Buttons – Amor Lux caban jacket

Golden Navy Anchor buttons - Amor Lux Caban JacketGolden Navy Anchor buttons - Amor Lux Caban JacketGolden Navy Anchor buttons - Amor Lux Caban Jacket long johnGolden Navy Anchor buttons - Amor Lux Caban Jacket full macroNavy Anchor Buttons – Amor Lux caban jacket:
No they will not replace the original Amor Lux buttons on my caban jacket. I had to buy them, but haven´t found a real use for it. Will come, will come. Accompanied are the buttons with a Long John anchor button, this will stay. Drop me a mail (check “about me” for the my email) if you interested in the cheap source for these buttons.

Beach Holiday – Varigotti Liguria

Beach Holiday – the italian way – Varigotti, Liguria:
Hmm beach holidays are not my cup of tea. If there is no good snorkeling or diving, no hammock, no family resort (thai style) close by for all day fresh food and fruits.  But somehow we had a agreement – I forgot. So after hiking for 4 days we went for 2 days on the beach. If I had to, we had to do it the italian way.

How to do this:
You pick a beach with no german beer advertisements.
Go for a town/beach with mainly apartments and hardly any hotels.
If you want it 110% do this in August.
Pay the price for two sun beds a cabin and one umbrella.

What you get:
Told that it´s too windy for the umbrella and shadow. Suddenly at 15:30 it is ok even with more wind but you are close to Type 1 sunburn.
Campari Soda or really ice cold coke served in a glas.
Or as Aperitivo as well with some snacks.

What you can expect to see:
a retired mafia don,
a kid who shit his pants,
a superyacht who calls in 9 jets to draw a heart in the sky
kids playing around and having a great time screaming and fighting and nobody hardly cares
some of the hottest moms on the planet (I did not dare to take images ;-)

Alarm clocks – just 5 more minutes

alarm clocks - 5 more minutes ! A remington sperry, a krups and a mebus alarm clocks - 5 more minutes ! a vintage orange krupsalarm clocks - 5 more minutes ! vintage remington sperry yellow alarm clocks - 5 more minutes ! vintage manual mebus in bluealarm clocks - 5 more minutes ! remington sperry alarm triggeralarm clocks - 5 more minutes ! remington sperry orange instructions
My alarm clock collection – just give me 5 more minutes!
Tomorrow I have to get out earlier than I´m used to, so I guess to post some images of my “friends” who will wake me up is more than appropriate. No honestly only the yellow Remington Rperry does his job right now.
– The Mebus alarm clock works fine, the tick-tack isn´t a real problem. More the task to wind him up once a day is a difficult one for me.
– The Krups would have been my choice, he is cool has a well done snooze trigger (just hit him). But he gets somehow quite noisy after a while a real “brrrrrrmmmm”.
– The Remington Sperry has got a illumination and an absolute annoying ring tone, and he will not stop to ring until you hit him. He wont stop until he dies so better you switch him off before you go on holiday.  The bad thing is the snooze and the stop button are next to each other. No way I would hit the right one, so I always make sure I hit both.
He is compared to the Krups ultra silent. The Instruction of the backside is amazing, they even tell you to hit him in case of a malfunction. A great detail.

To backup all of them for sure there is the mobile phone also doing his service.