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Alarm clocks – just 5 more minutes

alarm clocks - 5 more minutes ! A remington sperry, a krups and a mebus alarm clocks - 5 more minutes ! a vintage orange krupsalarm clocks - 5 more minutes ! vintage remington sperry yellow alarm clocks - 5 more minutes ! vintage manual mebus in bluealarm clocks - 5 more minutes ! remington sperry alarm triggeralarm clocks - 5 more minutes ! remington sperry orange instructions
My alarm clock collection – just give me 5 more minutes!
Tomorrow I have to get out earlier than I´m used to, so I guess to post some images of my “friends” who will wake me up is more than appropriate. No honestly only the yellow Remington Rperry does his job right now.
– The Mebus alarm clock works fine, the tick-tack isn´t a real problem. More the task to wind him up once a day is a difficult one for me.
– The Krups would have been my choice, he is cool has a well done snooze trigger (just hit him). But he gets somehow quite noisy after a while a real “brrrrrrmmmm”.
– The Remington Sperry has got a illumination and an absolute annoying ring tone, and he will not stop to ring until you hit him. He wont stop until he dies so better you switch him off before you go on holiday.  The bad thing is the snooze and the stop button are next to each other. No way I would hit the right one, so I always make sure I hit both.
He is compared to the Krups ultra silent. The Instruction of the backside is amazing, they even tell you to hit him in case of a malfunction. A great detail.

To backup all of them for sure there is the mobile phone also doing his service.