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Navy Anchor Buttons – Amor Lux caban jacket

Golden Navy Anchor buttons - Amor Lux Caban JacketGolden Navy Anchor buttons - Amor Lux Caban JacketGolden Navy Anchor buttons - Amor Lux Caban Jacket long johnGolden Navy Anchor buttons - Amor Lux Caban Jacket full macroNavy Anchor Buttons – Amor Lux caban jacket:
No they will not replace the original Amor Lux buttons on my caban jacket. I had to buy them, but haven´t found a real use for it. Will come, will come. Accompanied are the buttons with a Long John anchor button, this will stay. Drop me a mail (check “about me” for the my email) if you interested in the cheap source for these buttons.

Long John – Wouter Munnichs Promotion set

Long John - Wouter Munnichs Promo – full package with letter and envelopeLong John - Wouter Munnichs Promo – AnchorsLong John - Wouter Munnichs Promo – anchor stampLong John - Wouter Munnichs Promo – more anchorsLong John - Wouter Munnichs Promo – swiss army backpack salt and pepperLong John - Wouter Munnichs Promo – caban jacketLong John – Wouter Munnichs Promotion set:
Having already seen images from some comrades who already received Wouter´s great merchandise set I tried to mail him yesterday morning – but I was late and had to hurry for work. So it was quite a surprise when I saw his letter the same day pinned to my door. I wish him all the best for his site and projects and I´m sure what I´ve already seen there is no worry. A great example to how to do a “mailing” right. Love every piece of it, the stamps, the handwriting, the ink, the anchors, the pin …