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Ristorante Bologna Varese

Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy01 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy02 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy03 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy04 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy05 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy06 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy07 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy08 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy09 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy10 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy11 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy12 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy13 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy14 Ristorante Bologna Varese Italy bistecca fiorentina t-bone steakRistorante Bologna Varese:
Travelling to Italy, food is always one reason why we love this country. Just after the border of Switzerland there comes Varese, and Ristorante Bologna is the place to see and to eat, if you want it rustic and authentic italian. We enjoyed to stay there for two nights and were lucky to get at least one table to celebrate Maria´s birthday and sadly the reservation for the other Birthday guests the next day did not work out so well – anyway, Italy was great, as always.


Long John – Wouter Munnichs Promotion set

Long John - Wouter Munnichs Promo – full package with letter and envelopeLong John - Wouter Munnichs Promo – AnchorsLong John - Wouter Munnichs Promo – anchor stampLong John - Wouter Munnichs Promo – more anchorsLong John - Wouter Munnichs Promo – swiss army backpack salt and pepperLong John - Wouter Munnichs Promo – caban jacketLong John – Wouter Munnichs Promotion set:
Having already seen images from some comrades who already received Wouter´s great merchandise set I tried to mail him yesterday morning – but I was late and had to hurry for work. So it was quite a surprise when I saw his letter the same day pinned to my door. I wish him all the best for his site and projects and I´m sure what I´ve already seen there is no worry. A great example to how to do a “mailing” right. Love every piece of it, the stamps, the handwriting, the ink, the anchors, the pin …

Indian girl – golden eyes

Indian girl with wonderful golden eyes While traveling in India in 2005 I read the famous novel The far pavilions” by Mary Margaret Kaye. I started to get bored when the main character never got sick about talking about his princess “golden eyes“. Just a day after, I saw a woman in a bus with golden eyes but I was too slow to take an image. Another day later I saw two girls in the streets of Pushkar with this wonderful golden eyes. Here a photo of one of them.