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Flower market Bangkok – Thailand

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Flower market Bangkok – Thailand

We went for about 20 days on a trip to “our” beloved Thailand. I not even take more than 500 images but still the flower market images in Bangkok are a bit too much to squeeze them in with the others.

So ok it was Marias idea to visit the flower market – Pak Khlong Talat at around 35 Celsius to see “Flowers”. But honestly I have to say I enjoyed it. The vast amount of flowers and the creativity how they were arranged was great. It definitely worth to see if you are on the Chao Phraya river anyway and have seen a lot of Temples already.

Outdoor – Snowshoe weekend tour

Outdoor - snowshoe tourOutdoor – Snowshoe weekend tour:
At least once a year an absolute must to share some special moments outdoors with a few good friends. The goal is to create “Sternstunden” and not a clusterfuck with an alpine rescue. So we leave tomorrow morning for a 3 day trip to Austria in mountain huts and maybe a builded igloo all nights above 1700m – 2400m, -10 C to -15 C and distances of 10 to 20 km a day.

Here is roughly the packing list for it:
– backpack around 65 l
– snoeshoes
– telescope sticks
– gaiters
– bivouac back
Stanley thermo
– snow shovel
– avalanche probe
– thermarest mattress
– winter sleeping back good for -15 C
– my beloved Meindl hiking boots
– Devold watchcap
– thick winter gloves and thin ones
– all purpose Chris Adamiak pouch filled with the essencials to easy forgotten
Fritz the Monster
– Tabacco
– Petzl LED Headlight
– Toilet paper
– about a kilo of Linsen & Spätzle
– waterproof store bags
Mobile phone and for sure a camera
– Patagonia hardshell
– Windproof pullover pants
– Flachmann / Flask for inner warmth filled with Flor de Cana 12 years rum
– Bodywear by Woolpower, socks, and trouser by Fjällraven not on the image
– Additional Food has to be bought later, like high energy Ritter Sport chocolate (great be-cause waterproof packed) moutain cheese, ham, Landjäger and so on.

Thats mostly it, for sure not complete yet but for sure until tomorrow. Have a great weekend as well. We will try and if the weather is not too ugly, great photos will show up on sunday here.