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Outdoor – Snowshoe weekend tour

Outdoor - snowshoe tourOutdoor – Snowshoe weekend tour:
At least once a year an absolute must to share some special moments outdoors with a few good friends. The goal is to create “Sternstunden” and not a clusterfuck with an alpine rescue. So we leave tomorrow morning for a 3 day trip to Austria in mountain huts and maybe a builded igloo all nights above 1700m – 2400m, -10 C to -15 C and distances of 10 to 20 km a day.

Here is roughly the packing list for it:
– backpack around 65 l
– snoeshoes
– telescope sticks
– gaiters
– bivouac back
Stanley thermo
– snow shovel
– avalanche probe
– thermarest mattress
– winter sleeping back good for -15 C
– my beloved Meindl hiking boots
– Devold watchcap
– thick winter gloves and thin ones
– all purpose Chris Adamiak pouch filled with the essencials to easy forgotten
Fritz the Monster
– Tabacco
– Petzl LED Headlight
– Toilet paper
– about a kilo of Linsen & Spätzle
– waterproof store bags
Mobile phone and for sure a camera
– Patagonia hardshell
– Windproof pullover pants
– Flachmann / Flask for inner warmth filled with Flor de Cana 12 years rum
– Bodywear by Woolpower, socks, and trouser by Fjällraven not on the image
– Additional Food has to be bought later, like high energy Ritter Sport chocolate (great be-cause waterproof packed) moutain cheese, ham, Landjäger and so on.

Thats mostly it, for sure not complete yet but for sure until tomorrow. Have a great weekend as well. We will try and if the weather is not too ugly, great photos will show up on sunday here.

Bread and Pizza Evening!

Bread baking essencialsBread and Pizza Workshop - Simple PizzaBread and Pizza Workshop dough risingBread and Pizza Workshop - olivesBread and Pizza Workshop Tillman the bearded dogBread and Pizza Workshop - crispy pizza slice testBread and Pizza Workshop - no knead bread getting out of the ovenBread and Pizza Workshop iron cast pot breadBread and Pizza Workshop proud bakermenBread and Pizza Workshop crispy breadBread and Pizza Workshop no knead iron cast bread method recipeBread and Pizza Workshop detail imagesBread and Pizza Evening!
Nothing better to start the weekend with a great night cooking/baking and celebrating it with friends. So we did this friday. I explained the basics of how to make a good loaf of bread while and we also had pizza made of the same recipe (only that the dough did not ferment for about 24 hours). See one of a image where the crispy pizza slice 1/16 did not collapse.

Here are the basics for a good pizza:
– Do not try to buy cheap ingredients its ruins everything from the beginning.
– Take your time if you are not a pro. At the beginning all are hungry but they will slow down tray after tray
– use lots of olive oil on the tray so the pizza does not stick and gets more crispy
– 320 C would be perfect but most ovens only make it to 270 C which is ok.
– put the baking tray on the lowest level of your oven and do not use “hotair” mode take “ober- and unterhitze” (heat from top and bottom). You need the extra heat mostly from below so the pizza gets extra crispy.
– Use lots of olive oil to sprinkle the pizza before you put it in the oven, it keeps the pizza moist and just tastes better.
– Do not overload the pizza, less is better.

Thats it I would say. Baking a loaf of bread just seems logic after the oven is already hot. Also a great gift for your friends to take home. Probably ensures they will come back for more.

Tomato bottling fiesta by Rohan Anderson and friends

Every year Rohan Anderson his family and friends harvest their tomatoes and do a great fiesta by bottling them for the use of the year. Absolutely outstanding.

Whole Larder Love

Wow. What a day.

Passata day gets bigger each year. We had a great mix of people from all backgrounds, old and new, some knowing about the process and some losing their passata cherry. I’m glad I could accommodate.

We now have the year’s supply of passata, and we have a few boxes left over which we’ll sun dry and make relish and more sauce. There were some beautiful moments, and plenty of laughs. At the end we had a heap to clean up but it seemed like everyone had a ball.

A special thank you to the beautiful couple of Greg Hatton and Katie Marx and their gorgeous little girl, for opening up their home to us at such late notice. The Newstead Butter Factory is a gem of a place and perfect for passata day. Hopefully next year I’ll be inviting everyone to our new farm. Okay to…

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