Tomato bottling fiesta by Rohan Anderson and friends

Every year Rohan Anderson his family and friends harvest their tomatoes and do a great fiesta by bottling them for the use of the year. Absolutely outstanding.

Whole Larder Love

Wow. What a day.

Passata day gets bigger each year. We had a great mix of people from all backgrounds, old and new, some knowing about the process and some losing their passata cherry. I’m glad I could accommodate.

We now have the year’s supply of passata, and we have a few boxes left over which we’ll sun dry and make relish and more sauce. There were some beautiful moments, and plenty of laughs. At the end we had a heap to clean up but it seemed like everyone had a ball.

A special thank you to the beautiful couple of Greg Hatton and Katie Marx and their gorgeous little girl, for opening up their home to us at such late notice. The Newstead Butter Factory is a gem of a place and perfect for passata day. Hopefully next year I’ll be inviting everyone to our new farm. Okay to…

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