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Bread and Pizza Evening!

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Nothing better to start the weekend with a great night cooking/baking and celebrating it with friends. So we did this friday. I explained the basics of how to make a good loaf of bread while and we also had pizza made of the same recipe (only that the dough did not ferment for about 24 hours). See one of a image where the crispy pizza slice 1/16 did not collapse.

Here are the basics for a good pizza:
– Do not try to buy cheap ingredients its ruins everything from the beginning.
– Take your time if you are not a pro. At the beginning all are hungry but they will slow down tray after tray
– use lots of olive oil on the tray so the pizza does not stick and gets more crispy
– 320 C would be perfect but most ovens only make it to 270 C which is ok.
– put the baking tray on the lowest level of your oven and do not use “hotair” mode take “ober- and unterhitze” (heat from top and bottom). You need the extra heat mostly from below so the pizza gets extra crispy.
– Use lots of olive oil to sprinkle the pizza before you put it in the oven, it keeps the pizza moist and just tastes better.
– Do not overload the pizza, less is better.

Thats it I would say. Baking a loaf of bread just seems logic after the oven is already hot. Also a great gift for your friends to take home. Probably ensures they will come back for more.

Sailors Superstitions

Sea MonsterSailor Superstitions:
Today I found a sailing magazine lying around with some Sailors Superstitions and found some great stuff inside, most I didn´t know yet.

For good luck:
– A figurehead in form of a naked woman
– The first drink goes windward (Luv) to Rasmus the god of the sea
– To spit in the ocean before you sail
Pouring wine on deck before sailing will also bring good luck
– Tattoos and piercing are said to ward off evil spirits
scratch on the mast – to bring wind

Bad luck:
– Starting a ship journey on a Friday
– enter the ship with the left foot
change the name of a boat
cutting nails or hair on a boat
rabbits, even talking about rabbits onboard

Please add some stuff if you know by commenting!